Sunday, November 18, 2007

My favourite food in n around Genting Highland

Restaurant in Mushroom Farm - Butter fish (5/5 rating)I had this wonderful meal in mushroom farm. Their service is excellent though waiting time is long. They provide free transport to those who stayed in genting hotel since mushroom farm is quite a distance away. When i arrive at 2, the restaurant are pack to the seam~

One of their main dish specialty is the butter fish dish. Wow when the fish finally arrive, the sight itself are truly mouthwatering! The stir fry fish bone stood proudly in the centre of the plate while its flesh has been cut into cube and dunk into their batter. Spread liberally over the fish is floss that taste like butter and fish. In actuality it is egg and butter! I m amaze how they make the floss considering the usual process in chicken floss is to fry the chicken till dry and shred it. Till now i can still remember the taste and i have this intense craving to eat it again.

Though the fish cost RM40 and long waiting time, i feel that it is worth my time and money. I had never taste such delicious butter fish before. It is large and adequate for more than 5 person to eat. Since it is a restaurant they have other dishes too but i feel this one really stand out. Their soup are not their high point though. I will order drink if i were u~

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chai boh kuih

Ingredient (16 cup of kuih)
4 ounce rice flour
1/2 ounce tapioca flour
1 tsp salt
2 cup water [1 hot, 1 pipe water]

-tou cheong - 1 normal (dessert) spoon
-cili boh (combination of fresh and dried cili) - 1 normal spoon
-dried prawns or ikan bilis - grind them
-2 garlic
-sugar to taste
-4 table spoon (biggest spoon)

Steamer tray, kuali, cover
alluminium cup

Prepare the kuih
-Mix all the ingredient (mixture) above and pour into measuring cup. If the cup are not full then add water.
-Put water in kuali, steamer tray and alluminium cup [wet the cup first]. Heat them up.
-Take bater and pour into cup. After pouring stir the bater with chop stick cos the floor will sink to the bottom.
-Steam for 20 min. If got water left on the kuih then pour the water away.

Prepare the sauce
-A bit of oil
-Fry garlic, cili, ikan bilis/prawn, chai boh
-Tao chiong and sugar
-add water if dry
-taste. If not sweet then add sugar

Note: lesson on spoon
smallest - teaspoon (tsp)
normal - dessert
biggest - table spoon

Friday, October 19, 2007

Xian chai in steam fish

The fish we will be using is white pomfret (bawal putih/bai chang). White pomfret look like its squarish at certain angle and it is a rather expensive fish but the flesh is very soft and smooth. Basically when steaming every fish we need to time it and never open the cover or else we will not get the smoothness. In this recipe i would like to state 2 way of making steam fish. Basically to add xian chai at the first recipe and not to add xian chai at the second. Both will have different taste. Alternatively we can also use Red Fish.

1 White pomfret/red fish
1 tsp Light soya sauce
2 spoon kettle water
Xian chai (optional)
Garnish with coriander leaf (optional)

-Put fish on plate
-Put oil, soya sauce, xian chai, ginger, 2 spoon water
-Get ready the steamer. When the water is boiling, put the fish in and steam for 7-10 min depending on the size of the fish. If its really big then steam for 15 min.
[Do not open cover until the required time to cook. If the fish is not cook then continue cooking]
-Garnish with corriander

Papa's Mi fen soup

Picture: Papa's Mi fen soup

This is my father's unique Mi fen/bee hoon soup. This dish is a Chinese dish and it is not sold at shops. It is so unique that i call it Papa's mi fen soup. The main reason that it is unique is because any kind of meat/seafood can be use to cook it. Another reason is that its really easy and fast to prepare. The key is to put as many combo of meat/seafood as u can.

Ingredient (Qty depend on u)
The combo of any meat and seafood is up to u (seasoning them 1st are optional):
Any meat - Pork/beef/chicken
Any seafood - prawn/squid/fish
Bee hoon (wash and soak for few minute)
Any suitable vege - Tau geh (Bean sprouts)/Sawi
Egg, 1 cube maggi seasoning (optional)

-Boil water in kuali/pot and + 1 cube maggi seasoning .
-Meat (1st). Stir.
-Seafood (2nd). Stir
-Next put bee hoon and vege if everyone is going to eat it immediately or else cook them seperately
-Add in egg
-Scoop out and ready to eat~~ :)

Butter condense milk bread (toast)

Photo: Butter condense milk bread
This is my unique recipe inspired by the Hong Kong condense milk bread. The one serve in restaurant are the thick bread that contain butter and condense milk. I replace the thick bread to normal regular gardenia bread since the thick bread are not available in shops. As a result the bread is not only yummy and sweet but also easy to make~

2 Bread (1 serving)
Condense milk
[Quantity is up to u. I prefer margarine]


-Toast the bread till slightly brown and crispy [about 3-5 min]
-Put margarine/butter on both bread. Stack 2 bread together [up to u to cut the bread/not].
-Put condense milk liberally over the bread
-Ready to eat~!!

Hot dog bread roll (boil & fry)

Photo: Hot dog bread roll

This is a unique recipe created by my mum~ Suitable as snack in a party and its very easy to make.~

Hot dog
1/2 Egg (beat the egg)
[Qty varies. It depend how many hot dog u want to make. 1 bread for 1 hot dog]

Rolling pin

Ingredient: Hot dog bread roll before fry

-Boil the hot dog. Take it out with sieve and let the water drip and the hot dog dry
-Flatten the bread with rolling pin [If we did not roll the bread then it will absorb the oil like sponge to water]
-Put one hot dog into bread. Roll the bread tightly into cylinder. Seal the bread with egg. Cut the bread into 3 pcs

Photo: Frying

-Fry it till golden brown (put a few hot dog at a time). It will only take few minute.
-Ready to be serve

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Favourite food in Johor Bahru/Johor (Malaysia) Part 1

Bi Hoon with Fish slices and Fish Ball
I forget the shop name but its located in Kebun Teh. Near Danga Mall formerly known as Best world. Its a T junction right next to the shop. Its actually a corner house modified become a small shop stall. A strategic located as there is a heavy traffic flow. I love to order this because they use fresh fish slices and fish ball. Price is around RM4. A nice place to eat if u are looking to eat at normal stalls.

Restaurant NB Soon Lee -bitter gout soup

Picture: Bitter gout soup

My rating: 5 star
How frequent we can eat: As frequently as u like
Why is it nice: delicious and healthy food, family environment, affordable price, not oily
What i ate there: Bitter gout soup (feature), Crispy fried pork, Crispy tafu

This restaurant is popular because of their feature dish bitter gout soup. Their soup is really nice. Even when i am a bitter gout phobic (i hate to eat bitter food since i am a kid) also like their soup because they some how remove their bitterness. I think its because they slice their bitter gout into very thin pcs and soak it in salt water before cooking. Beside their bitter gout soup their image is like those healthy family restaurant that serve nice food at affordable price. 3 of us went to their restaurant and order crispy fried pork, tafu, bitter gout soup, free refill of rice and a cup of liang char drink and it all cost Rm20. Its really cheap considering we eat until we are full. So if u want to eat regular nice food and ur mum dont feel like cooking then u can go to this restaurant.
Location: Its near Taman Sutera. Their shop is quiet distinctive because they have a crawling plant at their entrance which are actually bitter gout plant. The shop is within a row of shop facing a housing area.

Full add: No. 54, Jalan NB 2 1/4, Taman Nusa Bestari 2, 81300 Skudai, Johor.
Hp: 019-7585168

Century garden backlane stall (no name)
What i ate there: Laksa - rating: 4 1/2, Wan tan mee - rating: 4, Char Kueh tiao - 3 1/2, Ice kacang - rating 4 1/2
Overall rating: 5 star
How frequent we can eat there: As frequent as u like (However pls note that they are not as healthy as family food)

There is no name for this backlane street. They are just many stall in one street. The most note worthy are the their laksa, wan tan mee and char kueh tiao. After eating those food its really great to match with ais kacang as dessert. This is my favorite childhood food and i ate them countless time and some how i never get bored with their taste.

Picture: Laksa
Laksa (RM3-4): Their soup is really delicious. Just the first taste and u will be hook to it instantly. Their laksa also sold out very fast. They open at 6 and usually they will sold out by 8pm. However they did not get full marks because they did not stuff their ta fu with fish filing. So if u eat them often, u might ended up being bored with the dish because of the tafu. Note: Not suitable for ppl who like the thick version of laksa soup.

Wan tan mee (RM3~): Some stall they like to cook their mee till its soggy but this stall make it just nice. Out off all the wan tan mee i taste, i still prefer this version.Picture: I "take away" this ais kacang. Otherwise it wont look like this if u eat in the stall.

Ice kacang: Johor bahru ice kacang version is with coco, milk and sirap as toppings. It really nice to match it with the main dish.

Location: It located behind standard chartered, near kerry and mobil station. A few minute from town.

p/s: The above rating is base on which one i order most. Some ppl will rate the kueh tiao higher cos they ate kueh tiao more at the place.

Yipao Restaurant - Mian fen kuih (RM3.50~)
My rating: 4 1/2
How frequent we can eat it: Frequently
Picture: Mian fen kuih (take away)
This shop sell really nice mian fen kuih. Their mian fen kuih is soft and thin. Its match with cengkul manis vege, fried ikan bilis, pork ball and egg. For RM3.50 u get a generous serving of mian fen kuih and pork ball. I like this shop because their food is nice, affordable and they are generous in term of proportion.

Location: The row of shop on the left side kerry shopping complex main entrance. U will be at the correct road if u see a indian coffee shop and king surf internet cafe on the same row if u enter from the highway.

Yummy Steam boat
My rating: 4 1/2
How frequent we can eat: frequently but will get bored of if eat too often
Price: moderate if u order rice to match with ala carte food

This is a ala carte steam boat. That means u can choose which food u want to eat and u pay for them individually. Their steam boat is all soup base and there is no frying. The highlight of this shop is that their food is fresh and their cili sauce is really superior. Once u taste the food and sauce, u will get instantly hook by it. The sauce is more of thai sauce. Its also a nice family and friends get together place.

Location: the shop is located in a row of shop and its near the main road. The shop in Jalan Harimau tarum is easy to find as its near Crystal crown hotel.

Latest update jan 20-2010: their thai souce are not that superior anymore and i notice that there are younger ppl managing the place which are the relative of the "pioneer" ppl.

Friday, September 28, 2007

I want to learn to make - food

I want to learn how to make
- telur dadar

- tom yam soup
- japanese taufu

hem i wonder who can teach me... cos my mum and dad do not know how to cook them :D

Food review: Sainsbury's Chocolate Chip Cookies

This cookie taste great... its crunchy when u bite it and the sweetness of the chip is just nice! beside that, its very fresh too although its a cookie in a package form... i love this cookie but in malaysia did not sell :( (mum bought it in england. it cost less than 1 pound :D). haha finally i have more choice beside eating famous amos. its better than famous amos in the sense that its less oily. but famous amos definitely loss if the package cookie is being compared.

Soup: ABC soup

-tong fen (it look like the transparent version of bee hoon. buy in shop that sell kacang, kitchup)
- ikan bilis

Prepare soup
- Put the ikan bilis, potato, carrot into pot for 15 min
- when the mixture boil then put the tomato and tong fen

Soup: Catfish soup

Ingredient1 catfish
1 handful of black bean
1 small piece of da(big) dao(head) chai(vege) *giggle* (preserve salted reddish)

Slow cooking pot

-Fry the black bean in kuali (minus oil) till the black skin split (the purpose is to make the black bean more fragrant) then wash the black bean.
-Wash the fish and chop to 2 parts (usually the seller will cut for u). Put salt over fish before wash.
-Wash the reddish and chop to slices.
-Put everything in slow cook then slow cook for 3-4 hours.

Soup: Chinese Herb Chicken Soup (Slow cook)

-1st buy the Chinese herb at any Chinese medicine shop. Tell them that u want to slow cook ("dun tang") the chicken then they will select the herb for u. One packet with various soup ingredient is around RM6
-Preferable get the "cai yuan chicken" else can use farm chicken (but farm chicken got more fat so might be more tedious to remove fat). Cai yuan chicken is the farm chicken that are rare by roaming freely in the village. There is no injection on the chicken
-Crock pot, salt

Note: i learn about 4 type of chicken today.
1. Farm chicken - Rear in the farm. Its big. And they inject it so that it grow faster. Soft meat. Cost around RM8-RM11.
2. "Cai yuan" chicken - Its a farm chicken that roam freely in the village. No injection and it grow slower. Meat softness medium - between farm and kg chicken. The farm chicken that are bought today is RM16
3. Kampung chicken - Different bred from cai yuan chicken, usually rear by malays, slow to grow. more expensive than cai yuan chicken, harder meat.
4. Black chicken - are more nutritious than normal white chicken.

1. Wash the herb and chicken. Cut chicken into tiny pcs
2. Boil hot water.
3. Put the herb and chicken into the pot then pour the boiling water into it.
4. Let it cook for about 4-5 hours then put 1 tablespoon salt.

Sauce: Chilli sauce

Picture: Cili sauce
- Half kg big red chili
- 1 garlic
- sugar 2 tsp
- salt 1 tsp

- Blend the chili and garlic add some water when blending. the garlic will end up in the same mixture so it doesnt matter when to blend it.
- Blend in small portion.

Pot (Big to medium fire)
- Transfer the chili into pot then boil it for 5-10 min
- At the end add the sugar and salt
- After that let the chili cool then transfer to bottel

The chili by itself will not be nice to eat. Must mix with other things
- If eat chicken mix with ginger
- If eat fish eat with vinegar and lime
- or chili with tomato

Drinks: Bobo Caca (Steam and boil)

Picture: Bobo Caca

Picture: Ingredient
Yam - inside grey colour
Sweet potato (Ubi Kayu)- inside purple/orange/yellowish colour
Pandan leaf

Prepare the Yam and Sweet potato:
Picture: Yam and sweet potato being steam
-Cut the yam and sweet potato into tiny cube
-Steam both for 10 minute

Prepare sago:
Picture: Sago in pot
-Bowl some water and pour water into sago (we are not boiling the sago. just heating it with hot water)
-Leave it for 10 minute
-Sieve the sago
-Wash the sago with pipe water while the sago is in the sieve (to remove starch)

Boil them:
-Fill pot with water and boil it
-Add the sago and pandan leaf for 5 min
-Add the yam and sweet potato
-Serve after the pot boil

Drinks: Barli drink

- 1 cup of barli- 4 pandan leaf. wash the pandan leaf and tie in a knot

- Put barli in pot. Pot is one and half size of a hand.
- wash the barli 3 - 4 times
- put water and pandan leaf inside
- at first boil using big fire then turn the fire small when the water is boiling.
- Boil till the bean gets bigger (note: the bean should be bigger then the photo). boil for about 15-20 min.
- then ready to drink

A gruesome killing. A life gone to pot.

Today was a day of gruesome killing. As i was looking at his face while my knife is on his neck, i feel a kind of sadness overcome me. Thats because i know i will have to chop his head off. Feeling guilty, I cover his head with a white cloth so that i dont have to look at his expression. As i whack once the blood splash out and hit my face... however the neck did not severe.... and so i try to zik zak the knife on the neck to finish the job. As the head loosen, i looses my innocence as well. I proceed to do the same thing to the rest of its body. Chop! Chop! Whack! Whack! Zig Zag! *Bone breaking*! The feet come off next, then i cut him into 2 and then the hand are next. Blood splashes here and there and i begin to smell like him... to complete my ordeal, i chop of its finger nail... the finger nail is so small that it flew all over the place. It took me one hour to complete this task.

This is the faithful day in which i will not be the same again. This is the day that i slaughter a chicken for the first time in my life. And its a really smelly experience while at it~! Ok... so i dono whether its a him/her... haha its just added effect... Since i dont have a big chopping knife, i have a hard time completing the task. But its worth it as the curry i cook with it taste excellent!

Kuih: Malacca/Melaka Kuih

Picture: Kuih Melaka (Malay food)

5 pandan leaves - to create about 3/4 cup of pandan juice
6 ounch of Glutinous rice floor
1 bowl of gula melaka
2 teaspoon of brown/white sugar - to taste
1 1/4 of grated coconut (when shop for it can buy in half amount. so buy 1 1/2)

Picture: Ingredient

Pre-making the dough
- Wash, cut the pandan leaves into 5 cm and blend it (like fruit juice)
Picture: blend the pandan leaves

Making the dough
- Mix the flour with pandan juice. Create a well in the centre then pour the juice slowly in. Dont pour the whole cup in one shot. Pour a bit then mix then pour a bit then mix till forming a dough.
Picture: Dough

-Knead the dough till its soft/put in fridge for few hours if u are not going to eat it immediately. If put in fridge, take it out then mix with about 1 or 2 spoon of water.
-Cut the gula melaka in downward motion and chop to tiny pcs. Mix with brown sugar or white sugar.

Picture: Cutting the gula mlk

Picture: Gula Melaka and brown sugar

-Take about 1 tsp/bigger dough then roll into a ball.
-Flatten the ball to put the gula mlk filling inside. Tip: when flatten the ball, must flatten in such a way that the bottom part is thick and the side are thin. else the ball will break. Try to place the dough on ur finger instead of ur palm and create a shape like a cup. Fill too much the ball will break and too little then wont be tat tasty. The ball will be sticky after that so try to dump the ball into a pot of water to cook/put the flour on the plate before u place the ball again.
Picture: Roll into ball

-Fill a pot of water and make it boil. Dump the ball inside. When it float wait for a few minute before taking it out.

Picture: Cooking the kuih

-Use a flat sieve to take out the ball and place it on the coconut (first we must steam the coconut so that the kuih will be more lasting)

Picture: Roll the kuih over the santan

-Place the kuih on plate and ready to serve~~@@!!

Recipe: Sambal Sotong

Today i made this dish base on the recipe from this website.

Picture: Sambal sotong

Picture: Ingredient
Ingredient: 500gm sotong (wash and cut), 2 tomato, 8 shallot, 1 onion, 4 clove garlic, 1tsp belacan + assam jawa, 3-5 spoon of cili paste (consist of homemade dried cili and bawang). 2 tsp brown sugar, 1 cup water, half-1tsp salt and oil for frying.

Prepare ingredient
- Take 1 bowl and mix water with assam. Throw away the seed.
- Grind shallot, garlic, belacan, cili paste
-Cut onion and tomato

- Add oil + stir fry paste until toasted
- Add onion, tomato, sugar and salt
- Add the squid
-When squid is half cook then add the assam jawa water (assam add last cos it will have chemical reaction in kuali if put too long)
-When squid opaque take it out (dont over cook).

Recipe: Yong ta fu

Picture: Yong ta fu


Picture: Minch pork
Ingredient for fish paste and yong ta fu (6 person):
Fish paste: Half ikan tenggiri [Kou (high) fish in chinese], 1 bowl sengkuang, 1 spoon corn flour, salt ajinamoto water (salt + aninamoto + water on small plate), some minch pork

Yong ta fu: 2 packet tofu (24 pcs), 8 ladies finger, 2 brinjal, fu cuk skin (the amount varies depend on how many ppl.)

Ingredient for soup:
A handfull of ikan bilis
leftover bone from ikan tenggiri
Some sengkuang and tong chai

Ingredient for mee:
bee hoon (qty depend on how many ppl)

Prepare the soup
- Heat a pot of water.
- Add ikan bilis and the fish bones after removing flesh

Prepare fish paste
In short, scoop and chop the fish. Mix together salt water, corn flour, sengkuang and minch meat. Look on for detail info. The key is to add water and throw it up and down so that its soft.

Picture: Fish

Ikan tenggiri. Wash the fish. Cut the top part of fish in slicing motion. Once the top part cut, take a spoon and scoop/scrap up flesh. Be careful to take out bone. Do the same to bottom. The bone, skin and head can use to for the soup.

Picture: Chop the fish
Next chop the fish further, take a spoon and add some salt water into fish. Purpose so that the salt will be more evenly spread and also the water use so that fish is soft.

Picture: add corn flour
Add a spoon of corn flour. Mix it evenly.

Picture: throw the fish up and down
Throw the fish in up and down motion so that fish is soft.

Picture: Minch meat and sengkuang added
Add minch meat and sengkuang. Mix together. Add some water in the fish is not soft enough. Purpose to add minch meat is to increase the quantity.

Prepare and fry yong ta fu
Picture: ladies finger and fried ta fu
After that stuff the mixture into ladies finger, tafu, fucuk skin, brinjol (cut them before filling them up). Fry everything except ladies finger. Put the ladies finger into pot of soup. Take it out after cook.

Prepare the bee hoon and vege

Picture: Mee hoon and vege
Blanch the mee and vege

Ready to eat~!!

Spicy honey chicken

Spicy Honey Chicken
I am going to attempt this dish sometime soon. Analyzing the ingredient:
Ingredients :

6 chicken drumsticks
1 tsp turmeric spice - kunyit powder
salt to taste
10 tbsp tomato paste - those tin can tomato sauce. thicker than tomato sauce
2 tbsp ground chili paste ( dried red chilies OR fresh red chilies ) - will use dry cili
honey to taste
2 clove. Buy from indian spice shop:
1 cinnamon bark (cintan kayu)- Kayu manis. Buy in indian spice shop.

Picture: Cinnamon bark

1 star anise (cintan manis) - buy in indian spice shop.
2 cardamon pod

1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp ground garlic
2 tsp ground shallots - small red onion
cut onion rings

Method :
1) Marinate the chicken drumsticks with turmeric spice and salt, set aside.
2) Pan fry the marinated chicken drumsticks until the skin is slightly crispy, set aside. ( traditionally, the Ayam Masak Merah recipe requires deep frying until the chicken is done. )
3) In a wok, stir-fry the cardamon, clove, star anise, cinnamon bark until fragrant, add the ground ginger, shallots, garlic in, continue stir-frying until fragrant.
4) Add the tomato paste in, honey, ground chili paste, and simmer until thickened and boiling, toss in the fried chicken drumsticks, cut onion rings, and give it a quick stir-fry until all the sauce thickens and the chicken is done. Dish up and ready to serve.


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