Monday, May 31, 2010

Mango Ice cream recipe

I just made mango ice cream and its really yummy. I took the recipe from

The recipe after trying~

What you need:
2 ripe mangoes. I use medium size mango.After removing the seed, the mango pulp weigh about 330gram
1 orange
1 lime
Quater cup sugar (roughly about 50ml or slightly more)
½ cup cream (whipped)


   1. Peel and slice the mangoes. (throw out the seed in the middle after scraping off the fruit). Depending on the size of the mango your quantity might varies. My mango is about medium in size. After throwing the seed the mango weigh about 330gram.
   2. Juice the orange and lime using a juicer.
   3. Blend the mango using a food processor (or blender) until you make a puree.
   4. Add the orange juice, lime juice and sugar. I belief sugar should be according to taste. Different type of mango has different type of sweetness. What I do is that I pour in the sugar bit by bit, blend and taste the puree. Add more sugar till its adequately sweet.
   5. Pour into a metal or plastic bowl and fold in the cream.
   6. Put in the freezer for about an hour.
   7.  At the end I decided to add in a a small amt of gelatin. About less than half teaspoon. Mix the gelatin in water till dissolve. Pour into the ice cream and mix. Next time will add gelatin before freezing.
  8. The website shows the method by using the freezer and whisk to create ice cream. Since I have a ice cream maker, I just pour the mixture into my Philips ice cream maker. After 30mins the ice cream is done. Actually in less than 20min I can see the results. But i prefer the ice cream to be firmer, so i waited for 30mins.
  9. Put the ice cream into container and freeze.

(The original recipe calls for a cup of sugar. I find that too sweet so i reduce the amt)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making Blackberry Ice cream

Blackberry Ice cream. This time the ice cream look solid as the quantity i input is less compare with previous ice cream i made

I use frozen blackberry from Sujon. Cost about RM30 in Cold Storage Jb/Malaysia. Its 1kg. The price of fresh blackberries are 170gram at RM15.90. I save a lot buying the frozen version.

The outcome is that the ice cream is a little bit too yogurty. I use about 400 grams of blackberry and 190ml of whipping cream. Next time will increase the blackberry to 500 or 600 and reduce the whipping cream. Able to increase the quantity of blackberry as i need to sieve the blackberry and get rid of the solids. I use about 6 teaspoon of sugar and less than half teaspoon of gelatin.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making Strawberry Ice cream (Recipe)

Today I went to cold storage and bought some ingredient for ice cream. As I shop I decided to make strawberry ice cream. Cold storage sell their 250gram strawberry from USA for about RM11-12. I also found there there is frozen fruits like blueberry, strawberry, blackberry and mix berries that sell at around RM30 for 1kg. I bought the blackberry 1kg and will make blackberry ice cream next!

After coming back from home i immediately start my ice cream process. I heard a lot of great comments about the strawberry ice cream in the recipe book or making your own strawberry ice cream in general. That its not to be miss. I waited for about 40mins to churn and out comes great tasting strawberry ice cream!

Ingredients (modified to accommodate the ingredients that i can find)
-200g fresh Strawberries.
-90g caster sugar
-Half lime and half orange juice (or at least 1 tbsp lemon juice)
-To replace whole milk 225ml - I use 110 evaporated milk + 105ml water (usually its half of each milk and water)
-100ml whipping cream

---Puree strawberry/juice/milk/sugar
---Combine strawberry mixture with cream. Make sure all ingredient thoroughly mix
---I pop into the freezer for about 1. Ideally at least 1 half or 2 hours. Stir the mixture.
---Switch on the ice cream maker and pour mixture into the cooling bowl (scrap away any ice stuck on the cooling disk before start)
After freezing for about 10hours

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Making Banana Ice cream (recipe)

I watch in wonder as my Philip ice cream maker churn and I watch my mixture slowly turning into ice cream. My heart is dancing with joy as I have failed 3 attempts previously as I could not turn the mixture into ice cream.

I edited the quantity of the ingredients from the book provided by Philips.

250g ripe bananas
80g caster sugar
3 tbsp lemon juice
100 ml whipping cream
200 fresh milk

-I puree the bananas by flattening and crushing the bananas using fork and spoon. Next mix with sugar and lemon juice. Mix the banana puree with  cream and milk.

-I freeze the mixture for 1 and half hour.

-Take out the cooling disc and scrap away the ice stuck on it with a plastic ruler (do not use metal). That way the stirrer will not get stuck. Switch on and make sure the stirrer runs smoothly. Stop and scrap the cooling disc if still stuck. Switch on and pour in the mixture.

-Takes about 30 minutes in air condition room. In about 20 minutes you can see the ice cream start appearing.

Philips 2304 Ice cream maker: Why my ice cream failed and tips to succeed?

I churn the banana ice cream in an air condition room to speed up the process. The ice cream is harder than it looks
If you have problems with using the Philips 2304 ice cream maker
-Why my mixture does not turn into ice cream?
-Why it does not churn into ice cream?
-Why the before and after is the same and no ice cream came out?
-Is Philips 2304 ice cream maker a fluke?
-Tips in using the Philips ice cream maker

then this post might be able to help you. This post concentrate on how to make the machine work and it is not referring to the taste of the ice cream.

I am bursting with happiness as my Philips ice cream maker is finally producing ice cream! I failed 3 times making the ice cream and just when I am starting to think that the product is a fluke and thinking of ways of getting rid my 1 week old ice cream maker, I finally succeeded in churning out ice cream! The first 3 times fail in the sense that the mixture i put in does not churn into ice cream. The before and  after is the same, the mixture is still in liquid form. And when I wanted to save the mixture by putting it in a container and pop into the freezer, the next day I tried and the ice cream is hard like a rock. Its hard because ice crystal form around it. Just imagine you are eating large ice cube in mango flavor.

Tips in using the Philips 2304 ice cream maker:
-Read the instruction manual page by page. My first recipe is mango ice cream. After figuring out and buying all the ingredients, I skip reading the manual and jump straight to making ice cream. After the second miserable failure I started skimming through the page and start using the recipe in the book.

-Watch out the quantity. To maximize your success rate, I suggest that you start simple and follow the recipe provided when you buy this ice cream maker. That is because when you get the recipe in the net, they might be giving the measurement base on different types of ice cream maker. As you are new, you might not know how to reduce or increase the quantity base on your ice cream maker. If you put too much then your mixture might fail to churn out ice cream.

-Freeze your mixture first. First time I did not freeze the mixture, second time I put in the freezer for a while, 3rd time I cook the ice cream mixture and put for 2 hours. Fourth time I put a non cook ice cream for 1 and half hour.

-Freeze the cooling disk till its rock solid. In this model, you will need to store the cooling disk till its hard. To ensure it is ready, just shake the cooling disk. If you hear a watery sound means that it is not ready. I find this easier comparing with the manual recommendation whereby "you will hear a crunching sound when you press the bottom of the disc with your thumb". For my freezer, apparently 24 hours might not be enough. The fourth attempt I left it for 48 hours in the freezer.

-Thaw the cooling disk make sure its free of ice. I find this step crucial as i ignore this step the first 3 times. When there is ice stuck on the grey side of the cooling disk, where the stirrer turn, then there will be a weird sound produce. That is because the stirrer could not turn properly and it will turn the cooling disk too. By right the cooling disk should remain still while the the stirrer turn. The fourth time I thaw the ice away carefully with a plastic ruler (please do not use metal utensil as it will damage the cooling disk). Before pouring in the mixture I switch on and make sure that the stirrer is turning smoothly. I stop it to clean the cooling disk as I heard a "wrrrr..tak tak.....wrrrr" which means that it is not turning smoothly. You can start pouring in your mixture once you have check that the stirrer is turning smoothly

-Room temperature. Well this might be a weird method but desperate situation calls for a creative measures. The 3rd attempt onwards, I started making ice cream in a air condition room! It state in the preparation time section in the manual that the mixture will take a longer time in higher temperature environment. I belief this really help to speed things up as I started seeing ice cream appearing miraculourly in less than 20 minutes!

-Dont stop to check your ice cream. On my 3rd attempt, I stop halfway. When i start back there is a weird "tak....tak...tak" sound like something is stuck! The sound is so disturbing that I stop the process, took out my vanilla mixture and realize that the mixture has stuck on the cooling disc

-Watch ice cream making video. It will build up your confidence. There are many ice cream making recipe in Youtube.

-Start simple. If your first few attempt fail its best to start simple. If you have banana at hand, I recommend you try their Banana Ice cream at page 9. Its simple as you don't have to cook it and it does not involve any eggs.

If you still face problem even after reading this post, I recommend that you read the instruction manual and start with a simple recipe. Read the manuals word for word.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What is the difference between heavy cream, whipping cream, light creams, half-and-half and evaporated milk?

As I am starting to make ice cream and cakes, there are many types of cream in the market. Below are some answers on the different type of cream

Taken from
Topic/Question:  What is the difference between heavy cream, whipping cream, light creams, half-and-half and evaporated milk?

Answer: Varieties of cream are defined by how much milk fat they contain.

      - Heavy cream and heavy whipping cream are different names for essentially the same thing: cream that is 36% or more milk fat, and which doubles in volume when whipped.

      - Light whipping cream is between 30 and 36% milk fat, and can also be whipped.

      - Light cream, table cream, coffee cream or single cream are names for cream that is around 18% to 30% milk fat and will not whip.

      - Half-and-half is a mixture of cream and milk, and contains about 10 1/2 to 18% milk fat and will not whip.

      - Evaporated Milk is canned whole milk that contains at least 6.5% milk fat. Due to how evaporated milk is processed, it will whip for a short time. See Whipped CARNATION Evaporated Milk Recipe.

Taken from Yahoo! Answers
What is the difference between Whipped cream and Whipping cream?

Whipped cream is the stuff u put on dessert. Whipping vream is a thck cream that u can whip using a wisk or blender to make whipped cream. : ) yum

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Favourite food in Johor Bahru/Johor (Malaysia) PART 4

This part 4 of my favorite food in JB will mainly consist of the nice food that I had around my work area in town. There is a few nice food that i went during my lunch break.

1. Burger Stall. My favorite burger stall in town locate opposite of McDonald City Square. The formula of how each stall prepare the burger looks the same. But each of them somehow acquire different taste.

Typically they would at first cook the burger, when the meat is soft, slice in half. Put the curry powder and maggi soy sauce in the middle. Flip the raw side down. When its almost cook close the flap and turn it a few times till its cook. After that break an egg, spread it over the pan and put the burger in the middle and cover the burger meat with the egg. You can also add black pepper and maggi soy sauce in the egg. If you request that they cook the meat and egg separately, the stall i visited will add onion and curry powder into the egg.

Eating burger from this stall is my favorite supper. Today as I wanted to blog about the burger, I forgo my usual dinner and tapao a burger. I open and ate the burger in the office. To my surprise I find myself standing at the burger stall again after eating the first burger because my colleague say that my burger smell so nice and wanted me to help tapao. As the taste is really delicious, I couldnt resist and tapao another burger for myself too.

The first burger i ate is the Burger Ayam Special Cheese (Chicken burger with egg and cheese) and bought a second burger Burger Daging special this time without the cheese. The first burger cost RM4 while the second burger cost RM3. If you order the normal burger with no cheese and egg it would cost RM2.50. I will typically request the burger seller to make mine "pedas pedas" (spicy spicy) as I love the taste of curry powder in the burger.
The burger daging is so delicious. I ate halfway and took a pic~ Inside he put the egg, burger meat, black pepper, cilli, salad. He also put some margarine on the bread and cook the bread over the pan

The burger stall. Its located in front of City Square Mcdonald. And its located at the bus stop. Above him is a large advertisement board. He typically open from 7pm to 12am. The burger seller share that his usual customers would be those who are waiting for public bus to go home.

Chicken burger special with egg and cheese

My second order for my colleague and myself!

My rating: 4 /5. Its really delicious and makes a tasty supper!

1. Restoran Muthu. 118 Jalan Trus, 8000 Johor Bahru. Tel:07-2214113
Near my work place there is an Indian temple. The Indian temple are surrounded by many shops. There are a variety of specialty shops that sells cloths, grocery's and jewelery shop that tap on the Indian market. Its like a Little India in that area. Out of these shops there is a few note worthy Indian restaurant that me and my colleagues goes to.
From Jalan Wong Ah Fok, walk towards the Indian temple and Komtar cross road. You will see a sign board say Jalan Trus. Turn to the left on the cross road and walk straight. The restaurant hang their sign board at the side of their shop and at the front. The sign board says that they have open since 1893.

The sign board at the front of their shop. The shop looks rather big as it looks like two shop lots attaches next to each other. When we came, the workers usher us to go upstairs which is fully air condition. We throttle up the staircase to the second floor. The look of the second floor is different from the first. The second floor looks well renovated and the aircond is at full blast. Their first floor does not have any air cond.
We order Banana Leaf rice. My colleague says that the rice is usually vegetarian style unless you add on the chicken. The banana leaf they will provide rice, papadam, long bean, cabbage, bitter gout, sambal, soup and chicken curry. The bitter gout is so well disguise in the curry that I hardly notice its bitter gout until i have finish halfway. As for the chicken I order the Chicken Varuval.

The chicken Varuval, the cup is their soup and the bitter gout.

Close up of Chicken Varuval. Its actually very tasty and I feel is the main highlight of the whole dish.

One of my colleagues has ordered fried rice.

My lassi yogurt drink (kurang manis). Their lassi drink has the choice of salty or sweet. I drank my colleague's salty version and it taste like the yogurt that I DIY at home. Its more sour than salty to me. My sweet lassi is sweeter and I prefer it that way.

My rating: 3.9/5. Delicious food if eat once in a while. I ate this during the lunch time. Be ready to go with an empty stomach as its very filing. Feel drowsy and woozy after eating such a big portion. I paid RM11 for the banana leaf (RM5), lassi and Chicken Varuval. I suspect the lassi should cost around RM3.50 or RM4.

Their name card: 74, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. Hp: 016 752 8382/ 016 796 2288

If you are walking from City Square, just cross the road to Hong Leong bank and walk straight till you see their yellow sign board. Its rather easy to find. Plus their jam pack shop will attract your attention.

They are famous for selling their fish head curry. I am not really into eating fish head curry but I like to eat the fish head curry from this restaurant. The price is also reasonable. 2 of us ate and it cost us RM22 including 2 rice and 2 drinks. As I remembered, the price of fish head curry for 1 person cost RM15, 2 person RM18. They also have different price segment for medium and big.

Close up of their fish head curry. Looking at this picture I can still remember the taste in my mouth. I recall the taste of spicy curry while pouring the curry sauce onto my rice while eating the tasty fish. Its a really big pot filled with fish head, "Tau ke", ladies fingers, cabbage and long bean. They taste great with reasonable price.

The front of their shop with the yellow sign board.

The shop is easily noticeable. I always see a large crowd at their shop. Though the crowd are big, I like it that they manage to have very fast service. We sat down sharing our table with other customer and only waited for few minutes to be serve. They really have great system.

lol~! My colleague couldnt wait anymore! Look at her hand!

Delicious fish head curry from Kim Loong Restaurant at Wong Ah Fook

My rating: 4/5. Delicious food if eat once in a while. Price is reasonable. Standby tisu and be ready to break a sweat. Their curry is not very spicy but its enough to make one sweat a lot! I ate this during the lunch time and i heard that they close once they have sold out. So the best time to be there is during lunch time.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Favourite food in Malacca part 2

Just went to Malacca for a relaxing and fun trip. Its a thrill to visit my favorite makan places. I am back to JB and now i have starting to miss the food there. Below are some of my favourite makan places in Malacca~!

One of my favourite cake eating place! They serve crepe cakes in various flavour. When i was there i saw about 6 different flavours: original, chocolate, double chocolate, banana chocolate, strawberry and tiramisu. As the cake is very filling, we only order about 2 pieces of cake: banana chocolate and original.A photo of their name card. It shows their address and branches. The one i went is the Plaza Mahkota main shop.
The map to their main and branch shop

I order the Banana Milk Shake. Cost RM7.50

Banana Chocolate Crepe cake. Price: RM8.50

The price of the cake is rather more expensive than your usual average cake. But its worth it considering that its delicious and you can see that a lot of work has gone into it to create layers of crepe cake. Total i spend RM24.50 with no tax/service charge for 2 pieces of cake and 1 milk shake. In terms of service level they are just average. Personally I feel that they should hire more waiters. As the shop are pack to the seam they are so busy serving customer that they did not really take notice of their surrounding. I actually have to wait for them to stop serving only then can I attract their attention and get them to take my order.

Banana Milk Shake and Banana Chocolate

Original Crepe cake

My favorite is the original crepe cake. Its a perfect dessert after a meal. Its delicious, smooth and creamy! I miss it very much. After eating it the first time, I make it a point to go back there every time I go to Malacca. They also taste way better than Secret Recipe and a perfect cake for any birthday party.

The main branch front door. The signboard is in blue color. There is a lot of customers queuing for take away. The shop is always pack to the seam every time we are there. Its also a favorite spot for university student to mingle and working adults to enjoy a great tasting desserts.

My rating: 4.5 / 5
Service level: 2 /5
I find the taste will linger in my mouth and I feel like eating it again the next day. Too bad i couldn't stay longer in Malacca to enjoy more of the cake

Another spot for great tasting Coconut Shake! Its located at Solok KG Bahagia. I do not have the full address but in other to go there you need to pass by Sampan and its before the Klebang beach. The shop is more like a road side stall and next to the stall is Caltex petrol station.

Photo of their locationIts a roadside makeshift stall

The que is building up. There is always a long que at this stall. There was light drizzle when we que for the coconut shake. Which is a blessing in disguise as there will be a very long que during clear weather. Previously when the weather is clear we have to que for about 45 mins!

The signboard: Solok Kg Bahagia, 75200 Melaka.

Caltex petrol station is right next to it

Some of the road sign located near the stall

Queing for the Coconut Shake

Their pricing. Its very cheap. We order Coconut shake special and it cost RM2.20 each for take away. Their special means that they will top the coconut shake with 1 scoop of Walls ice cream. Most ppl will take away as there are limited seats at the stall.

The making of coconut shake

A man chopping the coconut to get the coconut water and the meat of the coconut

Finally after about 20 minutes of queuing we bought 2 cup of tasty Coconut shake. I order the special which has a scoop of ice cream top on it. Cant see clearly in the picture as it was squash in during take away. Its really cheap considering the special has total of 2 scoop of ice cream when the price is RM2.20
The taste is divine. Inside there is ice, coconut meat, coconut water, sugar and walls ice cream.
My rating: 4.6 / 5
The price is dirt cheap and the quality of the drink is great. However you will need to allocate some time to buy this drink as there is long que.

Address: 3854-C, Batang Tiga, Klebang Besar, 75200 Melaka.
Scroll to the bottom for their name card and map.

I find that this place is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Though i have studied many years in Malacca, I only know this place during my final year. The area is rather secluded and its easy to miss the crucial turn into the cafe while driving. Its a cafe located next to a beach. I been there a few years back. I use to watch in wonder as the wave hit the cafe. But due to the land reclamation in progress, there is no more of the waves like it use to have.

However the place is still a wonder. The ambiance is soft, soothing, relaxing and romantic. Ideal for gathering and a romantic outing. In fact according to Cliff which is the owner, the place has been open for about 10 years and there are couples who dated there, get married and return to the cafe with their kids in tow. Its obvious to some of us that the place has a special place in our hearts.
We didnt order much at this place. We order 2 cups of their cocktail. If you refer to their website they also serve seafood.

They have a bar erected. Which is something different as there wasnt any during my last trip.

Some of the cafe view from where i am seating
Name card: The full address, fax, reservation number, website, email and they are open from 5pm to 12.30pm

The map

My rating: 4/5
Ideal for a romantic date. If you wanted to bring your love one to some place special. Bring them here! Also ideal for outings.


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