Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Making simple Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream Cake!

Bottom is chocolate brownie cake
Top is Vanilla Ice cream
Covered in Chocolate cream.

The cake turn out beautiful after freezing for few hours!!

How it look like without Chocolate cream covering it. Look beautiful as the color are contrastingly black and white. Strangely sad to cover its beauty with chocolate cream but i thought that ice cream cake wont be complete without being properly decorated with cream.

 I have extra chocolate cake from making Hershey Chocolate Sour Cream Cake. After racking my brain going through a few possibilities of reproduction - Ice cream cake, Hershey Brownie Sundae cheesecake or just dump a dollop of ice cream on the cake. Finally decided on Ice cream cake cos its so easy to make and I have Vanilla ice cream from making another surprise birthday project with ah ma! Once decided, quick as a whip, i search for my 4.5inch round pan with detachable bottom, line it with aluminum foil, cut the cake by pressing the pan on the cake to create a circle line, dump the round cake into the pan bottom, put the ice cream on top completely sealing the top of the pan, covered with aluminum foil and dump into the freezer overnight. I thought of making ice cream cake in the morning. The next minute I know I am done with a beautiful cake covered with aluminum foil sitting in my freezer~!

Vanilla ice cream is store bought. Well I dont have enough time making my own ice cream this time. The chocolate cream comes from CHOCOLATE CREAM FILLING recipe from making chocolate cream puff. I made cream puff with ah ma and there was still plenty extra of cream. So I utilize the cream by covering my ice cream cake.

I am happy how the cake turn out considering i am making this from imagination and not recipe! It helps that I have all the ingredients ready at hand!!

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