Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cookies and cream ice cream recipe~!

Its a sunny sunday and it feels so good to chill and relax with home made cookies and cream ice cream. Since i am using Oreo cookies, you can also call this Oreo ice cream.

I got the recipe from my Philip machine recipe book by combining vanilla ice cream with crush oreo cookies. It is a french style vanilla ice cream whereby you have to cook the egg into custard and required chilling. Off course there is also the "instant type" of vanilla ice cream that doesn't require cooking. I find that the flavor in french style is more pronounce and mix well with cookies and cream. Below measurement is for my Philip ice cream maker. If your ice cream machine has bigger capacity, feel free to increase the amount.

If you dont have vanilla sugar, you can replace with caster sugar and use vanilla bean/normal vanilla essence. For me i use vanilla sugar as i have made it in the pass. It is really easy to make. Click on the link on --- How to make your own vanilla sugar?

Vanilla ice cream (french style)
2 egg yolks
1 egg
125g caster sugar
5g vanilla sugar
5g corn flour

400ml milk

150ml whipping cream

6 pcs of Oreo cookies

-Put A) together in a bowl. Beat with the mixer until egg yolks are almost white.
-Gently heat B). Add half the heated milk into the egg yolks and beat it with a whisk till combine. Then pour egg custard into the milk and use moderate heat to cook the custard. Dont boil as it will curdle. Stop when the custard thickens or coat the back of your spoon. You can use sieve to make sure that there is no egg curdling.
-Take out, let the mixture cool, cover with baking paper and store in fridge. Once its chilled, stir in C)
-Pour into ice cream machine.

To make it into cookies and cream ice cream, crush D). Bag the oreo in a plastic bag and thwack it with a rolling pin till its finely crush. When the ice cream is almost ready, slowly add in the crush oreo biscuit and mix for 5 minutes.

Cream and cookies ice cream - DONE~!

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