Friday, July 8, 2016

Electric lunch box recipe: Steam chicken recipe (fast, simple, time saving method for single portion serving)

Steam chicken recipe
The most common, simple and prepping in advance that I could think of is steam chicken. I would go to the market, buy a whole chicken, ask the butcher to cut into small pieces and de-skin if possible. When I get home, I would clean and remove any fat that is left.

Next I would put two small pieces/one medium size chicken into small containers. Pour the seasoning and ginger then freeze. When I need to pack my lunch, I would just put the container into my lunch box and go to work without further prepping.

This method involve some work during the initial prepping time but it's so much easy and time saving during packing the lunch box. I would prep during the weekend and by Sunday evening, my freezer would be pack with various small containers!

This recipe is also very convenient for prepping a quick lunch or dinner at home.

Below are my suggested recipe whereby it will taste fragrant and salty as I would omit heavy seasoning for vegetable when paired together.

If you are living alone with minimal seasoning on hand, you could even just season with salt and soya sauce. You may tweak as it is a versatile recipe.

Recipe in each container:
Hua tiao chew 2 tablespoon (or replace with brands chicken essence)
Soya sauce 1/2 tsp
Salt - a pinch
Ginger slices - to taste about 2 tsp
Red dates 2 pcs- slice into smaller pieces (optional)
Wolfberry seed 1 tsp (optional)

Put all the above into the container with chicken. Cover and freeze it. Pack with lunch box or steam it straight from the freezer by transferring to a small bowl and steam in your Kuali.

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