Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Favourite food in Johor Bahru/Johor (Malaysia) PART 3

Recently I fell in love with 3 new restaurant. The data might not be complete as I write this as a spur of the moment. I might updates some pics if i went to the makan place again.

Kedai Makanan Seng Steam Fish Restaurant
No. 100, Jalan Keris, Tama Sri Tebrau, 80050, J.B.
Tel: 012-7082680 / 012-7750511

This is their feature dish. You can just peel off the fish. there is no bone and u can eat the entire fish. Crispy on the outside. soft on the inside. the white colour is the mayonase. It taste sweet sour.

Guys and girls when u come down to JB pls do yourself a favour and try this restaurant. This restaurant i heard that it only open till 230pm (according to my fren). They start from early morn till lunch. I went there once and instantly fell in love with it. Such a shame i only know the place recently when i live nearby.

From the crystal crown (if u come from holiday plaza direction) just drive a straight road from the market to the church then drive till the end of the road. The restaurant is at a corner shop at the last row to right. Please note that the area is pretty hidden by trees and it will appear isolated. Before i went there my reaction was like, "huh...there are shops there meh?"

Their food are yummy, delicious and cheap! We went there during breakfast so not much ppl. Since there is not much ppl, their service are super fast considering the food that came are hot. I heard that lunch time will be pact. We order four main dish. 5 rice. No drinks. Cost lest than rm50!

A corner shop. Its pretty covered by trees

even their cabbage are nice!

"Tau kee"

Bak kut teh. As i am writting this i already feel very hungry want to eat there again! Their bak kut teh taste very very nice! i love it!soothing ambience

Looks like they have been on the papers before

2. Banafee
There is 2 banafee along this stretch of road. I only tried the old Banafee which resembles a food court. I am told that the second Banafee call the Banafee Village is also belong to them.
Location according to the Banafee Village website: MAA Building next Naza Motor Jalan Abdullah Tahir.

I went there once and i really like the place. I ate their Feature Dish which is the Ayam Penyet. There is a spicy sambal sauce that accompany the dish. The dish are hot spicy and delicious. They also gave half a limau kasturi which i love to sprinkle on the sambal and the chicken. If you cannot tolerate spicy food this is not exactly for u then.
Picture take from the Banafee Village website

Other than order this i also order their Telur Dadar. I truly love the way they cook the telur Dadar. Some places cook the telur dadar as yellow colour. But here they cook it as golden colour which is my favourite. Besides that we also order the Nasi lemak. The nasi lemak taste normal. The best nasi lemak that i tasted so far are from MMU area and also my mums!

When I went to Banafee the place was pact to the seams. I nearly could not find a place to sit. One thing negative about them is that when they are pact, the food will be super super slow. They do not have the ability to work fast in a pact environment. My partner could not wait for the long que which is why he ended up eating nasi lemak ayam. When i look at the menu wat i like is that they have everything that i love! They have the roti jala, all the roti roti, telur dadar, tom yam soup and those malay nasi dish like ayam kunyit rice and and and..many many more...their menu are reaaally complete. But since my partner cannot eat a lot i only order a modest amt of dish. Another negative point about the old Banafee is that its hard to find parking! Which is why my colleague went to the Banafee Village due to the parking prob. Next time i will try the Banafee Village to see the difference. According to my dear fren the food is there is slightly more exp.

3. Wan Tan Mee: Ho Seng Kee

Its next to caltex which is near Holiday Plaza. Their Wan Tan Mee are bloody nice! The taste are supurb. The noodle are made by themselves and they taste divine. The Wan Tan Mee is the "white" version.

They even have their own website and they have operate for many many years.To check one of their newspaper article pls refer to this link.

The Wan Tan Mee
-Daily Made
-100% Egg based (Duck Eggs and Chicken Eggs)
-100% Top Grade, High-Protein (12.5% - 13.5%) flour milled from best Canadian quality Hard Spring wheat
-Preservatives Free
-Artifical Colouring Free

The noodle is daily made and is sold in the morning and afternoon. Tentatively around 8-230pm or earlier if they sell finish. Their closing time are tuesday. Or sometimes monday according to their website.

Delicious and not to be miss!


LiSan said...

can u bring me to all these when i m in JB ? :p kkekeke ~~ especially the ayam penyet .. :p

Yvonnelew said...

Lol~ lisan din noe u got read my blog!! Good also..then i dont have to pening thinking of which place to bring u~!!


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