Friday, February 5, 2010

NUTRILITE Protein Drink Mix Green Tea Flavour (450g)

NUTRILITE Protein Drink Mix Green Tea Flavour (450g) and the Protein Shaker.

My first attempt. I pour less than 400ml and 2 spoon of the powder. It look rather watery. Had a misunderstanding that when i bought this it can "replace a meal". I wanted to go on a diet so when i bought this it can make me feel full and i wont feel hungry. But when i tried this I was rather hungry and the hunger become worst. So looks like I was wrong in thinking it can replace a meal. The taste is like green tea minus the sugar and hot water. As it is protein must not use hot water else the protein will "die". What i worried about protein is that it can either make a person fat or thin (correct me if i were wrong).. i was afraid that my appetite will increase as I drank this and become fat~!

I was told that if i wanted to go on diet, I should try POSITRIM Dutch Cocoa, 14 packets/box instead. According to the website it says that its a Meal Replacement Supplements. It will be interesting to try this for its effectiveness one day. They have another 2 other flavours: Vanilla and Cofee. In addition I can also mix the 2 spoon of protein with Positrim. The description are below:

* Chocolate flavoured. A convenient and nutritious meal replacement choice for weight management.
* This is a nutritionally sound meal for weight control consisting of flavoured nonfat milk powder sweeteened with fructose that provides a healthful balance of carbohydrates, high-quality protein and fat.
* It contains 12 essential vitamins, 12 minerals, 7g protein, and 3g of dietary fibre per packet. Conveniently packaged in sealed sachets, it provides a quick breakfast or lunch, which is particularly important if you have to go to work or travel or in a hurry.
* Cutting calories often means cutting important nutrition. It is hard to get all the nutrition you need if you are skipping meals, eating smaller portions, or only particular foods. The Positrim Dutch Cocoa takes the guesswork out of eating right. And its great taste makes controlling weight easier and more enjoyable
* Suggested Use : Add contents of packet into a 250ml glass of cold skimmed, whole or reconstituted powdered milk. Stir until completely dissolved.

The description

The ingredients

Protein and Shaker

It looks like green powder inside with nice green tea smell. It really remind me of the green tea ice cream at jusco

NUTRILITE Protein now comes in a new flavour while still retaining all the essential benefits of soy protein. One serving not only provides you with 8 grams of soy protein, a balanced amount of essential and non-essential amino acids, and the nutritional benefits of calcium and soy isoflavones, it gives you all these nutrients with the added crisp, fresh flavour of green tea.

If you have always looked to NUTRILITE Protein for a natural, easily digestible and convenient source of protein without cholesterol and only a minimum content of fat, now you can look to it for a more flavourful one, too.

1. Instruction on the protein shaker: Pour 400ml of liquid (eg ACTIVE 8 Drink Mix, Acerola Cherry Drink Mix, Fruit juice or water) into the Protein Shaker.
Add in Nutrilite Protein
Cover by twisting cup firmly over the Shaker. Please ensure that the cup is tightly closed to avoid leakage.
Shake until the contents are well-mixed
Please allot the contents to settle before opening the cap to avoid spillage.

2. Care instructions
Wash thouroughly before initial use
wash shaker and cup in water, using a soft sponge with mild liquid soap and rinse throughly with clear water immediately after each use.
Please ensure that the Shaker and cup are completely dry before storing.

3. Important
Please ensure that the Shaker and cup particularly the cup's gap and threads are properly cleaned, using soft sponge with mild liquid soap and rinsed thoroughly with clean water after each use.

4. Caution
DO NOT freeze contents in the Shaker
DO NOT use Shaker with boiling liquid, which may result in burning
DO NOT pour hot wateronto ice cubes/iced water into the Shaker
DO NOT place Shaker near open flames

About the protein:
Get all the goodness of NUTRILITE Protein with the added refreshing taste of green tea.


Leeda said...

what price of a tin nutrilite protein? i wish to buy as a way to enhance my fertylity..

Slender Smile said...

Was wondering, r u still using this? Did it help you lose any weight? What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking this?


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