Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baskin-Robbins 31% off on every 31st of the month

Baskin-Robbins: Mango Tango/Citrus Twist Ice -Sorbets/Love Potions.

I confess that i have a sweet tooth for ice cream/cakes/chocolate and cheese. So i was really delighted when i surf the City Square/JB website a few days ago and I realize that the CS baskin robbins has 31% off for every 31st for handpacked ice cream. Previously when they first open they did not participate in this promo. Today i purposely go to CS to buy their ice cream - which shows how nuts I am bout their ice cream. The chap who serve me is very friendly and nice (as compare to my experience in Genting...shudder....)
I bought their 2 Quart size for RM66.65 after 31% discount (NP:RM92). For your information Pint size is 350gram/Quart size is 700gram/Half gallon is 1385gram.

First time i bought so much BR in one shot. I was rather lost as to what flavor I wanted to buy. To me eating a small cup and eating a whole tube is different in the sense that if the taste does not suit you, it will be challenging to finish them up. The nice chap recommend that I mix up the flavor but I was a little worried if the combination is wrong and I can only taste one type of ice cream. This is speaking from experience when i combine green tea/coffee and mango. Needless to say I was a little apprehensive.

Ist pack Caramel Chocolate Crunch + Chocolate Chip2nd pack Mango Tango/Citrus Twist Ice -Sorbets/Love Potions.
Have just tried the 1st pack. The taste are great! They have a combination taste of Vanilla/Chocolate + Chocolate Chip/Caramel and Chocolate Nut. There is a sudden burst of flavor as I couldn't really taste the 2 flavor apart. The BR ppl who prepare my ice cream didn't separate both ice cream at all. He just sort of squash both ice cream together. The other BR ppl is nicer as he really separate the 3 taste from each other. And he is really friendly and you can feel his sincerity.

For the combo Caramel Chocolate Crunch + Chocolate Chip, I give it 8.5 over 10 and will definitely try again.

And looks like the promo does not stop there. They have another promo from April 1-5May 2010:Buy 2 Handpacked Quarts and free 1 Pint / Buy RM15 above entitle to buy single jr scoop for 31 cent.

If i compare the 31% off Handpacked with above Handpacked promo, the 31% promo is cheaper.
Price of 2 Quart and a pint: RM117.50-31% = 81.08+5%=RM85.10
Price of Buy 2 Quart free 1 pint = RM92+5%=RM96.60

One thing that i find inconsistent with them is that in Genting I can use the WorldCard Points (Genting member card) to redeem a 31% off ice cream for every 31st last year. But when i tried redeeming in City Square, they mention that I cant redeem as its already promotion. I disagree with this statement as the Genting WorldCard points should be treated the same as cash (1000 points = RM10). And another point is that they will not let me collect points. In Genting we can collect points although there is a promotion (Actually i always eat BR in Genting). If BR or Genting is reading this I hope this can be straighten out and more awareness about this issue. After all BR has agreed to participate as Genting Member. Therefore a standard procedure should be executed.

All picture with ice cream cone taken from their Baskin-Robbins USA website:

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