Friday, April 16, 2010

Banana Split

Having fun making banana split

Whipped light cream

Hersey's Chocolate syrup

Ingredients: Banana, Whipped Cream, Ice Cream, Strawberry, Hersey's Chocolate syrup.
Utensils: Curve bowl (to support the banana), Ice Cream Scoop
Making and eating my 1st banana split!! In this picture i use the King's Macadamia ice cream. First time use whipped cream so it look a bit shapeless.

I have always wanted to eat banana split. But sadly till now i didnt get the chance to eat. Mainly because its so expensive eating from ice cream shop for something so easy to make. So i google the banana split picture and decide to make one myself.

Bought most of the items from cold storage. One thing about cold storage items in JB is that you must check the expire date of every food that you bought. One of the whipped cream has expired in March but they are still selling. Most of their whipped cream will expire on April and May. Took some time to dig their refrigerated display case. I probably look a bit mad to others as the metal cans keep clanking with each other when i dug. Wanted to buy cherry's for garnishing as it look really nice in the google picture. But its very expensive. RM11 for a very small bottel. So i replace it with Strawberry since i dont eat cherry anyway.

Price break down:
Cold storage/JB
King Grand Macadamia Ice Cream: RM8.49
Strawberry from Cameron Highland/Malaysia (about 200g): RM7.99
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup: RM11.99
GSBS Whipped Light Cream: RM14.99

Ice cream scoop: RM21.90. After discount RM17.52
Total RM60.98

Hem..quiet expensive to make a banana split from scratch. But the bright side is that I can make a lot of banana split out of my purchase.

Its really fun making the banana split.Put 3 scoop in a bowl. Just cut the banana into half. Line the bowl with banana. Put some chocolate syrup on each ice cream. Spray the whipped cream on each ice cream. Put some chocolate sprinkle if any. First time i use whipped cream. I notice that it melt very easily. After snapping some picture, the whipped cream starting goin out of shape

Will try with different ice cream and post if i make anymore. Will buy chocolate sprinkle to add into the mixture.

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