Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Form pan

The description and care of use. Use non abrasive material to wash the pan. Do note that you have to grease pan before use. 22cm is equal to 9inch.

Price: RM25
Where i buy: Ng Hock Heng Trading Sdn. Bhd. 25-b Jalan Dato' Abdullah Tahir, 80300 Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Tel: 07 3333617. Email: (Wholesaler and Retailer of Utensils & Crockery, Industrial containers, Hardware)

According to Wikipedia: Springform pans are a type of bakeware that feature sides that can be removed from the base. Springform refers to the construction style of this pan. The base and the sides are separate pieces that are held together when the base is aligned with a groove that rings the bottom of the walls. The pan is then secured by a latch on the exterior of the wall. This tightens the ‘belt’ that becomes the walls of the pan and secures the base into the groove at the base of the walls.

I wanted to make cheese cake but I do not have this spring form pan. Lucky for me after looking at a few shops, I found my spring form pan at Ng Hock Heng shop near the DNP and Banafee area. The shop is a wonderland of baking utensils for baking fanatics. They are the whole seller so their prices are reasonable and the owner of the shop are honest. Initially i choose a 20cm/8 inch pan. He told me this spring form pan is very bad, you should choose a bigger one. The clasp of this bigger pan is stronger. Which is very true as the clasp for the smaller pan is very loose. The owner will also deduct the price if you ask for discount. Although they occupy 2 shop lots, they have so many utensils that the shop is in a mess. I literally have to sieve thru the mess to find the spring form pan.

I need the pan as I need to put the crust at the bottom of the cheese cake. Once the cake is ready, use a knife and cut around the cake to make sure it does not stick to the side of the pan. Unlock and ready to eat.

The clasp: To close the clasp

Unlocking halfway

Unlocking completely.

To lock back, align the bottom and the side on a flat surface. Once its align just turn and lock the claps.

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