Monday, May 10, 2010

Daiso shopping!! RM5 shop

Just went to Malacca Daiso in Pahlawan. During my Malacca trip, I went to Pahlawan and the new Jaya Jusco. I notice that they have a lot of shops that JB do not have. The new Jusco is very modern and a walk inside feels like I am in KL shopping area.

Anyway back to Daiso. Daiso is a RM5 shop for all items. Its similar to Daiso in Singapore that sell for $1.99. They have really great deals in their shop and feature many cheap and innovative Japanese products. If you do your homework you will get really great bargains at Daiso. But there is also items which are more expensive than normal retailers

I bought a few kitchen appliance in this trip. Couldnt resist as I have not seen some of the items or their design are unique. The cup is a measuring cup. From the top left its a cheese grater. The middle is the lemon squeezer. You need to cut the lemon into small pieces and squeeze them. On the top right its to squeeze the garlic into pieces. I bought this is to replace chopping of the garlic. I paid RM20 in total. I am not sure of the price in normal retailers but I had fun shopping at Daiso.

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