Sunday, May 23, 2010

Making Banana Ice cream (recipe)

I watch in wonder as my Philip ice cream maker churn and I watch my mixture slowly turning into ice cream. My heart is dancing with joy as I have failed 3 attempts previously as I could not turn the mixture into ice cream.

I edited the quantity of the ingredients from the book provided by Philips.

250g ripe bananas
80g caster sugar
3 tbsp lemon juice
100 ml whipping cream
200 fresh milk

-I puree the bananas by flattening and crushing the bananas using fork and spoon. Next mix with sugar and lemon juice. Mix the banana puree with  cream and milk.

-I freeze the mixture for 1 and half hour.

-Take out the cooling disc and scrap away the ice stuck on it with a plastic ruler (do not use metal). That way the stirrer will not get stuck. Switch on and make sure the stirrer runs smoothly. Stop and scrap the cooling disc if still stuck. Switch on and pour in the mixture.

-Takes about 30 minutes in air condition room. In about 20 minutes you can see the ice cream start appearing.

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