Monday, May 31, 2010

Mango Ice cream recipe

I just made mango ice cream and its really yummy. I took the recipe from

The recipe after trying~

What you need:
2 ripe mangoes. I use medium size mango.After removing the seed, the mango pulp weigh about 330gram
1 orange
1 lime
Quater cup sugar (roughly about 50ml or slightly more)
½ cup cream (whipped)


   1. Peel and slice the mangoes. (throw out the seed in the middle after scraping off the fruit). Depending on the size of the mango your quantity might varies. My mango is about medium in size. After throwing the seed the mango weigh about 330gram.
   2. Juice the orange and lime using a juicer.
   3. Blend the mango using a food processor (or blender) until you make a puree.
   4. Add the orange juice, lime juice and sugar. I belief sugar should be according to taste. Different type of mango has different type of sweetness. What I do is that I pour in the sugar bit by bit, blend and taste the puree. Add more sugar till its adequately sweet.
   5. Pour into a metal or plastic bowl and fold in the cream.
   6. Put in the freezer for about an hour.
   7.  At the end I decided to add in a a small amt of gelatin. About less than half teaspoon. Mix the gelatin in water till dissolve. Pour into the ice cream and mix. Next time will add gelatin before freezing.
  8. The website shows the method by using the freezer and whisk to create ice cream. Since I have a ice cream maker, I just pour the mixture into my Philips ice cream maker. After 30mins the ice cream is done. Actually in less than 20min I can see the results. But i prefer the ice cream to be firmer, so i waited for 30mins.
  9. Put the ice cream into container and freeze.

(The original recipe calls for a cup of sugar. I find that too sweet so i reduce the amt)

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