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My Favourite food in Johor Bahru/Johor (Malaysia) PART 4

This part 4 of my favorite food in JB will mainly consist of the nice food that I had around my work area in town. There is a few nice food that i went during my lunch break.

1. Burger Stall. My favorite burger stall in town locate opposite of McDonald City Square. The formula of how each stall prepare the burger looks the same. But each of them somehow acquire different taste.

Typically they would at first cook the burger, when the meat is soft, slice in half. Put the curry powder and maggi soy sauce in the middle. Flip the raw side down. When its almost cook close the flap and turn it a few times till its cook. After that break an egg, spread it over the pan and put the burger in the middle and cover the burger meat with the egg. You can also add black pepper and maggi soy sauce in the egg. If you request that they cook the meat and egg separately, the stall i visited will add onion and curry powder into the egg.

Eating burger from this stall is my favorite supper. Today as I wanted to blog about the burger, I forgo my usual dinner and tapao a burger. I open and ate the burger in the office. To my surprise I find myself standing at the burger stall again after eating the first burger because my colleague say that my burger smell so nice and wanted me to help tapao. As the taste is really delicious, I couldnt resist and tapao another burger for myself too.

The first burger i ate is the Burger Ayam Special Cheese (Chicken burger with egg and cheese) and bought a second burger Burger Daging special this time without the cheese. The first burger cost RM4 while the second burger cost RM3. If you order the normal burger with no cheese and egg it would cost RM2.50. I will typically request the burger seller to make mine "pedas pedas" (spicy spicy) as I love the taste of curry powder in the burger.
The burger daging is so delicious. I ate halfway and took a pic~ Inside he put the egg, burger meat, black pepper, cilli, salad. He also put some margarine on the bread and cook the bread over the pan

The burger stall. Its located in front of City Square Mcdonald. And its located at the bus stop. Above him is a large advertisement board. He typically open from 7pm to 12am. The burger seller share that his usual customers would be those who are waiting for public bus to go home.

Chicken burger special with egg and cheese

My second order for my colleague and myself!

My rating: 4 /5. Its really delicious and makes a tasty supper!

1. Restoran Muthu. 118 Jalan Trus, 8000 Johor Bahru. Tel:07-2214113
Near my work place there is an Indian temple. The Indian temple are surrounded by many shops. There are a variety of specialty shops that sells cloths, grocery's and jewelery shop that tap on the Indian market. Its like a Little India in that area. Out of these shops there is a few note worthy Indian restaurant that me and my colleagues goes to.
From Jalan Wong Ah Fok, walk towards the Indian temple and Komtar cross road. You will see a sign board say Jalan Trus. Turn to the left on the cross road and walk straight. The restaurant hang their sign board at the side of their shop and at the front. The sign board says that they have open since 1893.

The sign board at the front of their shop. The shop looks rather big as it looks like two shop lots attaches next to each other. When we came, the workers usher us to go upstairs which is fully air condition. We throttle up the staircase to the second floor. The look of the second floor is different from the first. The second floor looks well renovated and the aircond is at full blast. Their first floor does not have any air cond.
We order Banana Leaf rice. My colleague says that the rice is usually vegetarian style unless you add on the chicken. The banana leaf they will provide rice, papadam, long bean, cabbage, bitter gout, sambal, soup and chicken curry. The bitter gout is so well disguise in the curry that I hardly notice its bitter gout until i have finish halfway. As for the chicken I order the Chicken Varuval.

The chicken Varuval, the cup is their soup and the bitter gout.

Close up of Chicken Varuval. Its actually very tasty and I feel is the main highlight of the whole dish.

One of my colleagues has ordered fried rice.

My lassi yogurt drink (kurang manis). Their lassi drink has the choice of salty or sweet. I drank my colleague's salty version and it taste like the yogurt that I DIY at home. Its more sour than salty to me. My sweet lassi is sweeter and I prefer it that way.

My rating: 3.9/5. Delicious food if eat once in a while. I ate this during the lunch time. Be ready to go with an empty stomach as its very filing. Feel drowsy and woozy after eating such a big portion. I paid RM11 for the banana leaf (RM5), lassi and Chicken Varuval. I suspect the lassi should cost around RM3.50 or RM4.

Their name card: 74, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. Hp: 016 752 8382/ 016 796 2288

If you are walking from City Square, just cross the road to Hong Leong bank and walk straight till you see their yellow sign board. Its rather easy to find. Plus their jam pack shop will attract your attention.

They are famous for selling their fish head curry. I am not really into eating fish head curry but I like to eat the fish head curry from this restaurant. The price is also reasonable. 2 of us ate and it cost us RM22 including 2 rice and 2 drinks. As I remembered, the price of fish head curry for 1 person cost RM15, 2 person RM18. They also have different price segment for medium and big.

Close up of their fish head curry. Looking at this picture I can still remember the taste in my mouth. I recall the taste of spicy curry while pouring the curry sauce onto my rice while eating the tasty fish. Its a really big pot filled with fish head, "Tau ke", ladies fingers, cabbage and long bean. They taste great with reasonable price.

The front of their shop with the yellow sign board.

The shop is easily noticeable. I always see a large crowd at their shop. Though the crowd are big, I like it that they manage to have very fast service. We sat down sharing our table with other customer and only waited for few minutes to be serve. They really have great system.

lol~! My colleague couldnt wait anymore! Look at her hand!

Delicious fish head curry from Kim Loong Restaurant at Wong Ah Fook

My rating: 4/5. Delicious food if eat once in a while. Price is reasonable. Standby tisu and be ready to break a sweat. Their curry is not very spicy but its enough to make one sweat a lot! I ate this during the lunch time and i heard that they close once they have sold out. So the best time to be there is during lunch time.

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