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My Favourite food in Malacca part 2

Just went to Malacca for a relaxing and fun trip. Its a thrill to visit my favorite makan places. I am back to JB and now i have starting to miss the food there. Below are some of my favourite makan places in Malacca~!

One of my favourite cake eating place! They serve crepe cakes in various flavour. When i was there i saw about 6 different flavours: original, chocolate, double chocolate, banana chocolate, strawberry and tiramisu. As the cake is very filling, we only order about 2 pieces of cake: banana chocolate and original.A photo of their name card. It shows their address and branches. The one i went is the Plaza Mahkota main shop.
The map to their main and branch shop

I order the Banana Milk Shake. Cost RM7.50

Banana Chocolate Crepe cake. Price: RM8.50

The price of the cake is rather more expensive than your usual average cake. But its worth it considering that its delicious and you can see that a lot of work has gone into it to create layers of crepe cake. Total i spend RM24.50 with no tax/service charge for 2 pieces of cake and 1 milk shake. In terms of service level they are just average. Personally I feel that they should hire more waiters. As the shop are pack to the seam they are so busy serving customer that they did not really take notice of their surrounding. I actually have to wait for them to stop serving only then can I attract their attention and get them to take my order.

Banana Milk Shake and Banana Chocolate

Original Crepe cake

My favorite is the original crepe cake. Its a perfect dessert after a meal. Its delicious, smooth and creamy! I miss it very much. After eating it the first time, I make it a point to go back there every time I go to Malacca. They also taste way better than Secret Recipe and a perfect cake for any birthday party.

The main branch front door. The signboard is in blue color. There is a lot of customers queuing for take away. The shop is always pack to the seam every time we are there. Its also a favorite spot for university student to mingle and working adults to enjoy a great tasting desserts.

My rating: 4.5 / 5
Service level: 2 /5
I find the taste will linger in my mouth and I feel like eating it again the next day. Too bad i couldn't stay longer in Malacca to enjoy more of the cake

Another spot for great tasting Coconut Shake! Its located at Solok KG Bahagia. I do not have the full address but in other to go there you need to pass by Sampan and its before the Klebang beach. The shop is more like a road side stall and next to the stall is Caltex petrol station.

Photo of their locationIts a roadside makeshift stall

The que is building up. There is always a long que at this stall. There was light drizzle when we que for the coconut shake. Which is a blessing in disguise as there will be a very long que during clear weather. Previously when the weather is clear we have to que for about 45 mins!

The signboard: Solok Kg Bahagia, 75200 Melaka.

Caltex petrol station is right next to it

Some of the road sign located near the stall

Queing for the Coconut Shake

Their pricing. Its very cheap. We order Coconut shake special and it cost RM2.20 each for take away. Their special means that they will top the coconut shake with 1 scoop of Walls ice cream. Most ppl will take away as there are limited seats at the stall.

The making of coconut shake

A man chopping the coconut to get the coconut water and the meat of the coconut

Finally after about 20 minutes of queuing we bought 2 cup of tasty Coconut shake. I order the special which has a scoop of ice cream top on it. Cant see clearly in the picture as it was squash in during take away. Its really cheap considering the special has total of 2 scoop of ice cream when the price is RM2.20
The taste is divine. Inside there is ice, coconut meat, coconut water, sugar and walls ice cream.
My rating: 4.6 / 5
The price is dirt cheap and the quality of the drink is great. However you will need to allocate some time to buy this drink as there is long que.

Address: 3854-C, Batang Tiga, Klebang Besar, 75200 Melaka.
Scroll to the bottom for their name card and map.

I find that this place is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Though i have studied many years in Malacca, I only know this place during my final year. The area is rather secluded and its easy to miss the crucial turn into the cafe while driving. Its a cafe located next to a beach. I been there a few years back. I use to watch in wonder as the wave hit the cafe. But due to the land reclamation in progress, there is no more of the waves like it use to have.

However the place is still a wonder. The ambiance is soft, soothing, relaxing and romantic. Ideal for gathering and a romantic outing. In fact according to Cliff which is the owner, the place has been open for about 10 years and there are couples who dated there, get married and return to the cafe with their kids in tow. Its obvious to some of us that the place has a special place in our hearts.
We didnt order much at this place. We order 2 cups of their cocktail. If you refer to their website they also serve seafood.

They have a bar erected. Which is something different as there wasnt any during my last trip.

Some of the cafe view from where i am seating
Name card: The full address, fax, reservation number, website, email and they are open from 5pm to 12.30pm

The map

My rating: 4/5
Ideal for a romantic date. If you wanted to bring your love one to some place special. Bring them here! Also ideal for outings.

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