Monday, September 20, 2010

Green Tea Ice cream Recipe!

300 milk ml
90gram brown sugar
5** green teaspoon matcha powder (Using Maruyu  Omacha Powder)
a pinch of salt

150ml whipping cream

** I notice when i use a different brand of Green Tea, 5 teaspoon would be too much. Thus watch the original video or season to taste. In ice cream its a bit difficult to season to taste since you will only know how it taste at the end. Thus you may need to use some trial error.

Picture: Brown sugar/Matcha Green Tea Powder/Milk

This green tea ice cream is really easy to make.

Just mix the milk, brown sugar and green tea powder. Beat till the sugar dissolve. Add in the salt.1

Put ice in a big bowl and put a smaller bowl in the big bowl. Pour the cream in (the small bowl) and beat the whipping cream till its peak.2

Pour the matcha mixture into the whipping cream and stir gently till its mix. Pop into the freezer for 2 hours and pour it into you ice cream maker!

1 The green tea powder is really light and will fly off easily. Using a spoon, mix the green tea powder with the milk before you start beating. Else the green tea powder can spill out and the precious green tea powder would be wasted. I have a small blender. I just dump all the ingredient into the blender carefully and start blending. It is easier and get the job done faster!

2 How to see the whipping cream has peak? There will be a cone shape stuck to the beater when you lift up the beater. If the cream doesnt get stuck to the beater means that you have to continue beating. However stop beating once you have seen the cone shape.

I like the taste of the green tea ice cream. The taste is light and creamy. I prefer to eat this ice cream with a cone. When i ate it in a cup i like to sprinkle in grind nuts, wafer and whip cream. The recipe is taken from you tube How to Make Green Tea Ice Cream (Matcha Ice Cream) i have modified the green tea quantity and also add in salt. The flavour is more pronounce.


Guitar said...

wat happen if we dun have a ice-cream mixer?

Yvonnelew said...

I have never tried making ice cream without an ice cream maker. But u may experiment because there is a few ways shown in youtube. Just search under keyword:make ice cream without ice cream maker. A few that i spotted below:

1. - caution if u follow the video and boil the egg custard, it might curdle.


I belief having the machine will give the best outcome in terms of the ice cream texture. Cause can reduce or eliminate the possibility of water icicles from forming once the ice cream harden.

If u really tried hope u can come back and comment about the outcome!

Anonymous said...

Hi, what brand of ice cream maker are u using? Thanks!

Yvonnelew said...

Philip brand. u can read below post for info =)

Nicole said...

hi I went to Meidi-Ya today and they no longer selling the green tea in grey color tin that cost $12. A pity... let me know if you find this brand at other places.

I bought the other two green tea powder that you mentioned in Meidi-ya. I hope my green tea cake will taste nice!!

Thanks for this posting as i was searching for green tea powder for my cake. I don't want to buy the green tea powder from the major baking supplies shops as I heard from one of the staff that ordinary green tea powder from Japan taste better for baking cake.

nicole said...

hi thanks for posting this as i was searching for green tea powder for my japanese chiffon cake.

the green tea powder in grey tin was no longer selling in Meidi-ya. i went there today and i bought the other two green tea powder you recommend at Meidi-ya.

It is a pity that i don't get to buy that brand since you mentioned it taste good. Hope that my green tea cake will turn out nice using the green tea powder that i bought.

Do you know where else i can still buy the green tea in grey tin you mentioned?


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