Thursday, November 4, 2010

Improving my cheescake cooking method~

After reading some information and watch youtube about making a perfect cheesecake, I decided to change the method of cooking the cheese cake. The recipe is still the same. After reading some tips I decided to implement some of them and experiment the difference.

1. First I line my springform pan with aluminum foil. Next round I will try to line with baking sheet.
How to line the springform pan.
Tear a huge sheet of aluminum foil. Open your spring form pan. Put the sheet on top of the pan (the plate of the pan). Lock your springform pan. Now pull the side of the aluminum foil upwards (Make sure the sheet is big enough whereby it also cover the sides of the springform pan). I belief by lining it, the batter will not spill and also cause I will be soaking the whole pan into another big round pan filled with water. Due to soaking into another pot of water, I put a second layer of alluminium foil and cover outside of the pan just to make sure there is no leakage.

2. I press the crust down and make sure they stick firmly to the bottom of the pan. I still bake the crust as per normal.

3. Once the cheese cake mixture is ready. I pour boiled water into the bigger pan in the picture and put the smaller cheese cake pan into the bigger pan. This encourage even cooking in the cheese cake.

Left picture is the new method. Whereby the cake will stick to the side. I have already use a knife to loosen the side before unlocking the pan.
Right picture shows the old method. The cake will not stick to the side.

4. I notice a few difference when cooking it submerge in water from another pan.
- The cake does not rise. As you can see from the picture, the side and the center is the same height. The cake may look visually smaller as a result. The old method the cake will rise while cooking and deflate again when the oven has been switch off. As a result the cake's height is uneven from the side and center.
-New method wise the cake will stick to the side of the pan. Once it is cook I have to use a knife and detach the cake from the side of the pan. Else the cake may crack. I didn't notice this until the next day after taking out of the fridge. Luckily my cake didn't crack. The old method result in the cake shriveled away from the side and I do not have to use knife to detach it from the side of the pan.
- Check the side of the cake of both old method and new method. New method the side look beautiful while the old method side has been brown.

Cake side is beautiful. You can see the difference in color from the crust and the cheese. Height of the cake is even from the side to the center. Result in cake looking shorter.

Old method: Cake has been brown at the side and you cant see clearly the crust and the cheese color. Further the cake is uneven in height

New method
Overall the new method win in term of outlook and color. The cake height look a bit short compare with my last cake. Next round I will experiment with a smaller spring form pan of 8inch instead of using 9inch. Also by putting a layer of aluminum foil, the spring form are more securely lock. There was once I pour the whole mixture into the pan and the pan gave way with the mixture spilling all over (old method).

Latest update:
2nd experiment: 
-I tried using the baking sheet and I will never try it again. The baking sheet absorb the oil/water and tear easily when I tried cutting the cake. The aluminum foil is still better.
-Make sure the aluminum foil is the biggest size type - that can cover the entire side of the spring form pan. Else water may seep in when the spring form pan soak in hot water within bigger pan.
-Make sure the water in bigger pan is boiling hot and that it cover at least half of the inner pan height. Be careful as it may be tricky trying to move the pan filled with water into the oven and insert a smaller pan filled with cheese cake filling.
-Tried using a 8inch spring form pan. The cake turn out softer and height is higher. Cake turn out softer could be due to combination factor above: baking sheet, small aluminum foil, water not boiling.
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