Sunday, November 28, 2010

Making Homemade Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Sugar!

 I am so excited making Vanilla extract and Vanilla sugar! KT and Na found the recipe from The Little Teochew and I have anticipate the day that I get all the ingredients, bottle and try them out! My mum always nag when I add in too much artificial Vanilla extract into my dessert. Therefore by creating my own Vanilla Extract I no longer have to rely on artificial Vanilla Extract!

How to make Vanilla sugar
- Just mix the sugar and Vanilla pods

How to make Vanilla extract
-Mix Vodka (35% alcohol) with Vanilla pods (seeds remove). If seeds were not remove will create a mild Vanilla extract. The longer you keep the Vanilla extract the better it will be!

When using the vanilla seeds, just take out from the vanilla sugar. Wash and dry the pods. Split it and remove the seeds. The Vanilla pods can be recycled and dump into the vanilla extract!

 Day 1 of using Vodka + 2 split Vanilla Pods. At first I didnt scrap out the seeds and have to dig them out and split them.
 Day 1 of Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Sugar
Day 5 of Vanilla Extract. Look how the colour has change!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. Just stumbled unto your blog. Real mouth-watering stuff.

Where did you get the vanilla pods?

Do they sell these in Malaysia (Johor)?


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