Sunday, January 16, 2011

Making Blackberry Cheesecake for my sis bday!

Making my normal cheesecake and top with Blackberry topping made from scratch

My sis bday cake. They look so beautiful~! Hehe my sister say that I make until very “sincere”. Kinda cute of her to say that! Took me 2 days to complete!

Its meaningful to make this for her since she is the one who share cheesecake recipe with me. I remembered I piled her with question which sets her off… lol~!! So when mum suggest i make her a cake for her bday, I immediately choose the cheesecake recipe that she gave me! Felt that in a way things have come to a full circle~ Good memory and reminds me that the first cake i make is from the recipes she shared with me. =)

A slices of heavenly cheesecake!

Bought this packaging from Singapore. It make the cake look like store bought cake~!

Blackberry puree/topping for cheesecake:
Blackberry topping. I use about 200gram of blackberry, about 3 spoon of sugar, 2 spoon of cornstarch, some lemon juice and add some water. I cook the blackberry and add the rest of the ingredient. Begin with small fire and switch to big fire at the end. Let it boil a little. Then sieve the whole mixture to separate the seed. This part need quiet a bit of work.

Next time I would change the steps. I would first blend the blackberry. Sieve it. Can add the sugar, lemon and water while blending or while cooking. Its easier to sieve it first before cooking because the mixture will turn solid and its pretty hard to sieve it as most will get stuck at the sieve. Cornstarch is optional. When the mixture cool, it will become more solid. 200gram is just nice but i may prefer making the topping thicker and can choose to increase it to 300gram blackberry next time.

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