Saturday, January 8, 2011

Raspberry Chocolate Marble Cheesecake

Taking a quick shot before baking. I had so much fun swirling in the Raspberry and Chocolate sauce~! Maybe I had too much fun and over swirl a little! I make the cheesecake as usual but this round I wanted to make a marble cheesecake. After bouncing some ideas off my head I decide to try with Raspberry and Chocolate sauce~!

Was rather nervous cause the marbelling part is a bit of a gamble as I was creating the jam and not referring to recipes for the proper Raspberry cheesecake marbelling. I use about 100gram of frozen Raspberry and sieve it. This part takes a bit of a work but its worth it. The juice will flow out and left the seeds in the sieve. After that I added about 2 teaspoon of sieve icing sugar into the jam. The chocolate sauce I use regular Hershey Chocolate sauce. When I have finish mixing the cheese cake and dump into the spring-form pan. Just add trails of jam using a spoon then use chopstick to make a pattern. Some video i watch from youtube uses Palette knife. My mum uses a very thin stick to make her own regular marble cake.

Next round maybe I would add more chocolate sauce and may find way to make the chocolate sauce thicker. I also notice that the color is more vibrant before baking. Which means that most of the beautiful internet pics that uses raspberry jam on the marble cake are the unbaked version.

Beautfiul Raspberry Chocolate Marble Cheesecake after baking! Love it that the side looks so beautiful~! Some of my previous attempt the side will shrink and goes out of shape. There is also no cracking on the cake. The combination smell of crust, raspberry and cheese is amazing~!!

Itadakimasu!! Time to eat~!! Yummy~!

 The crust is thick on the side and crispy~!

 Raspberry and Chocolate marbling.


Avril Ong said...

Looks very delicious :):) What is the recipe for it? ^^

Yvonnelew said...

Its basically from this post:

I just add some raspberry sauce when my cake batter is in the tin and swirl it. Looks different the first post with this post cos the raspberry version of cheesecake uses waterbath method to bake the cake =)


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