Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flower pot ice cream surprise!

Give this as a surprise to your love ones! Be it for Valentine day, Birthday or Mothers day! They will immediately think that you are giving them a flower pot which is not that far from truth. Well it is a flower pot. But we add another interesting element by combining flower pot and oreo ice cream! This project is really simple once you have collected all the necessary materials. The idea is so endearing that it will definitely put a smile on people's face.

Well I was wondering whether i should write this post. If my family and friends read this then this surprise will not work anymore. Well in the end couldnt resist the temptation of sharing this to the world. I took the idea from Food Wishes Chef John. In his site he wrote the source of the idea comes from the So you would have a few reference and sample to make your own pot of surprises. I skip the part of putting a pound cake into the pot.

I watch the video from Chef John's Food Wishes website but never thought that I would really use the idea until I wanted to surprise people on their birthday! In the end I adapt and change the steps to make this surprise pot.

-Aluminium foil
-A few chopstick depending on how many flowers you use. Cover it with aluminum foil
-2-3 daisy flower. Cover the stalk with aluminum foil to prevent it in contact with the ice cream.
-Crush about 75g of Oreo cookies with the cream remove

Line the pot with aluminum foil. Well I could actually skip the steps for aluminum foil and make the flower pot look even more real. However I find it unappetizing to just stuck the ice cream into the pot as I am not sure whether the pot is meant to be in contact with food directly. So I clean the pot well and line it with aluminum foil before putting in the ice cream.

I choose daisy flower. To me daisy look really colorful and cheerful. As the stalk are too big to fit into a straw, I just stuck a 3-5 chopstick (depending on how many stalk you use) into my ice cream and dump the vanilla ice cream around the chop stick.
Chopstick stick into the middle. Put the ice cream around the chopstick
Fill up the ice cream almost until the top. Keep some space so that the vanilla ice cream will be covered with Crush Oreo.
Refrigerate till the ice cream sets. I freeze it overnight. Took out the chopstick. There will be a hole at the centre, stick in the daisy and fill up the top with crush oreo cookies. Completely covering it. The Oreo cookies act as "soil" to the flower pot.
I remove the cream and use my chopper to crush the cookies. Faster this way. Otherwise you can just crush it in a bowl or put into a plastic and whack it till its all crush. If you didnt remove the cream then the cookies may not look pure black colour.

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