Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Healthy Granola Bar

I got this below post from my amazing sister Shirley who I look up to since she is the queen of DIY at home. She could DIY her own moisturizer, ice cream, nutella chocolate and this round is energy bar. Actually she made this a long time ago and I am posting her recipe now. Hopefully I will be able to find all the ingredients and start on my own soon~!

For those interested in the granola bar recipe:

To make it HEALTHIER,
1)you can substitute part of butter, i did 3/4 butter replacement
with apple sauce (weight for weight)
2)you can replace butter with good oil if you want
-grape seed oil
-olive oil may be too strong, but i think my sis in law uses olive oil
3) you can replace white sugar with
-raw sugar
-organic sugar
corn syrup is not healthy but i heard its tasty and used widely in commercial granolas

you can use any dried fruit, just replace as per portion stated below.
you can replace any nuts.. use your imagination
you can replace wholemeal flour (though this is better) with white flour if wholemeal is not available
if you dont have crisp rice cereal.. perhaps u can add bran or just add more flour

good stuff to add:
flaxseed (grinded ones, cos the ungrinded one may just shoot out of your bowel system without being absorb)
wheatgerm- good for you
peanut.. heaty ler.. eat less.. eat more almond.

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