Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful shots by my frens and family~!

I like to bake or cook food for my friends and families. It is really touching how they choose to show their appreciation with a few lovely snap shots. I am so happy that I really want to post these lovely picture in my blog. Got to say that the snap shots taken by them are way better than what I took on my own!! Looks like i gotta really brush up my photo taking skill!

A piece of Chocolate cake by Nuya

Nuya eating chocolate cake with coffee. Its tea time!

Li taking chocolate cake photo accompanied with Strawberry and Banana! Look so lovely and sweet!

Who knows that a Granola Bar aka Energy Bar could look so mouth watering and delicious? Drizzled with home made Hazelnut chocolate spread. Just imagine Nutella Chocolate on Energy bar~!

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