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Seed of Love - Mother's Day and Father's Day Gift

Homemade granola cereal
Ingredient: honey, sunflower oil, rolled oat, almond, walnut, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, flaxseed, wheat grain, brown sugar, salt, orange zest and orange juice.

May is a month of multiple celebration at my home. On top of being a mother's day, it is also my mum's and dad's birthday. I wanted to make something special for my precious parents who has treat me so well. While brainstorming, my requirement would have to be HEALTHY and homemade (hey, their daughter love to bake after all). Thus i thought of making a homemade cereal with full of healthy ingredients. With homemade cereal, i would be able to control the ingredient that I used and there will not be any added preservative. To make it extra special I wrote down the health benefit of all the ingredient to let them know how healthy they were and encourage them to eat it. And boy the research was an unexpected long list of health benefit. I was worried how i am going to fit in all the knowledge that i know. A last, i summarize as much as i can, break into 2 parts and paste at each bottle. Haha i know my writing is horrible, but I am sure my parents wont mind.

When i gave my mum this gift, being a typical loving mum, she say i should eat it too! I told her that you should eat it more, since I am very healthy thanks to all the home cook food that she + dad cook for me everyday. She just smiled.

In a nutshell what i wrote on the bottle:
Health benefit
-Energy booster
-Boost immune system
-manufacture of new cells
-helps in relaxing the brain and promoting sleep
-regulate blood sugar level
-reduce bad cholesterol
-Good for brain
-regulate blood pressure
-Improved Bladder Function
-Depression Treatment
-detox the body
-keep the elasticity of veins and arteries, help to keep skin strong, elastic and beautiful,
-promote the production of healty bacteria in intestines

-Anti cancer and antioxidant
-prevent heart disease
 rheumatoid arthritis.
 colon cancer
 muscle cramps
 Kidney Stones
 stomach cancer
 breast cancer
 gallbladder disease
 anti breast cancer
 hiatal hernia
 bone loss
-relief from constipation, respiratory disorders, cough, anemia, impotency, and diabetes.
-Natural Anti-Inflammatory - this makes it a serious source of relief for those who suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
-Treatment of Parasites natural treatment for tapeworms and other parasites

In my research, below is what i found out in the ingredient i used. This project not only benefit my parents, but I also learn new health information which also indirectly benefit me too. I research each of the ingredient and summarize the main points below for each of the ingredient.

1. Honey - energy booster, boost immune system and anti cancer

2. Sunflower oil - prevent heart diseases, provide energy, antioxidant, due to the presence of vitamin E in it. As an antioxidant, it neutralizes cancer causing free radicals. It has vitamin E which prevents rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and colon cancer. Folate or folic acid present in sunflower oil, helps the body in the manufacture of new cells. Magnesium helps in preventing muscle cramps, while tryptophan helps in relaxing the brain and promoting sleep by helping the body in the production of the neurotransmitter, serotonin.

3. Rolled oat
- help regulate blood sugar so that the individual is less likely to spikes in the body’s glucose level.
- reduce bad cholesterol
- excellent source of dietary fiber, iron, and thiamine,
- Rolled oats also have the advantage of possessing an antioxidant known as avenanthramides, which is very helpful in ridding the body of toxins that have built up over time.

4. Almond
-The health benefits of almonds include getting relief from constipation, respiratory disorders, cough, heart disorders, anemia, impotency, and diabetes. It also helps in hair care, skin care (psoriasis), and dental care.
- Good for brain, regulate cholesterol, good for heart, antioxidant, reduce risk of heart disease,regulate blood pressure, prevent cancer, protect again diabetes, prevent  constipation, boost energy, avoid Alzheimer

- Almost the same as almond

6. pumpkin seed
-Prostate Protection
They promote overall prostate health and alleviate the difficult urination associated with an enlarged prostate.

-Improved Bladder Function
In some studies, pumpkin seed extracts improved bladder function in animals.

-Depression Treatment
They contain L-tryptophan, a compound naturally effective against depression.

-Prevention of Osteoporosis
Because they are high in zinc, pumpkin seeds are a natural protector against osteoporosis. Low intake of zinc is linked to higher rates of osteoporosis.

-Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Pumpkin seeds effectively reduce inflammation without the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.

-Prevention of Kidney Stones
They prevent calcium oxalate kidney stone formation, according to studies.
Treatment of Parasites They are used in many cultures as a natural treatment for tapeworms and other parasites. Studies also show them to be effective against acute schistosomiasis, a parasite contracted from snails.

-Great Source of Magnesium
1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds contains 92% of your daily value of magnesium, a mineral in which most Americans are deficient.

-Lower Cholesterol
Pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols, compounds that that have been shown to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol.

-Cancer Prevention
The same phytosterols that lower cholesterol also protect against many cancers.

7. Sunflower seed
-rich in vitamin e (antioxidant - reduce risk of cancer, atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke. Vitamin E is also renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, this makes it a serious source of relief for those who suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis)
- lower bad cholesterol
- relax muscle and nerve of the body
-detox the body
-boost immune system
-improve health of heart and brain
-alleviate depression
-help digestive system

8. Flaxseed - a superfood
-lower cholesterol/good for the heart
-prevent cancer

9. Wheat bran
-Wheat bran is used as a source of dietary fiber for preventing colon diseases (including cancer), stomach cancer, breast cancer, gallbladder disease, hemorrhoids and hiatal hernia. It is also used for treating constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

How does it work?

Wheat bran helps constipation by speeding up the colon and increasing stool output and bowel frequency

10. Orange zest
-lower bad cholesterol lower fat found in blood and lower risk of heart attack, normalizing blood pressure, reduce bone loss, anti breast cancer, keep the elasticity of veins and arteries, help to keep skin strong, elastic and beautiful, control blood sugar and reduce the effect of blood sugar rising rapidly,lower bad cholesterol by helping to scrub cholesterol plaque from artery walls, act as natural appetite suppressant thus reduce the desire to overeat.promote the production of healthy bacteria in intestines

 My mother's day cake- Homemade Blueberry Cheesecake with Cream cheese icing

Beside making the cereal, i also made this mother's day cheesecake specially for mum!


Johor Kaki said...

You are a very sweet daughter ;D

Yvonnelew said...

thanks for reading my post! btw i love ur blog~ i actually refer to your blog when i research where to eat when outstation fren come to jb for jb food exploration~ you seem to have cover all the possible place and more~ keep up the great work!


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