Sunday, April 13, 2014

Strawberry Passion Fruit Ice Cream Recipe

These days I have been engross with making Fruit Juice and making home made ice cream. It is interesting to combine certain combination of fruits to create interesting flavors.

I use Barmix mixer to blend all my fruits. I really love this mixer as it is easy to use and there is minimal cleaning. I like the outcome of it as it really blend well.

To give my strawberry ice cream the extra kick, I decide to add in a Passion Fruit.

Below are the steps. It is a super easy recipe. Almost like making fruit juice with addition of whip cream. The lime is usually use in fruit type of ice cream as it will maintain the "freshness" of the fruits. You will need an ice cream maker to churn the ice cream. If you do not have any passion fruit, you may omit it.

Strawberry Passion Fruit Ice Cream Recipe
200g Strawberries - clean and hulled
1 orange - peel the skin and cut to smaller pcs
1 lime - squeeze it to get the juice
1 passion fruit
80g sugar - or to taste
225ml whole milk

B) Whipping cream - no need whip. just pour into mixture.

- Blend A) really well. Then add in B). Chill it preferably overnight or few hours in freezer before put into the ice cream maker.

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