Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Empress electric lunch box by cosway review and unboxing

I saw my Fren using the empress electric lunch box. She uses it because she is staying alone, renting a room and she make various dishes just with that 1 electric lunch box alone! To me it's a terrific idea. I went and bought the lunch box in a heartbeat since she is satisfied with the product.

The brand Empress is the cosway in house brand. I initially tried to search the product online but I could not locate an online website that sells it. I could only locate other OEM brand in lazada. I only realised that I could only buy from Cosway.

I bought it for rm108 during promo price. The promo I notice happen rather frequently and I was made to understand by my friends that the original price is around rm199. It also comes with a 1 year warranty

After using it, I find this appliance worth every penny as I uses it daily for my lunch in office. I cook from scratch by assembling my raw food in the respective container the night before, bring to work and steam! Off course you can choose to bring your leftovers and steam.

I love that I can prepare at least 3 dishes at one go, to eat my lunch piping hot and eat my lunch with fresh as oppose to overnight ingredients!

My other Frens who saw me using this in office, also went and buy either the same brand or oem from online website. I then get to compare the quality of oem product and empress. My friend bought oem type at rm70++. When compared the  material of the oem product are of lesser quality - metal bowls are thinner, it seems to take longer time to cook, the top tier does not conduct steam well so bottom are cook but the top part are not cook and the plug is not a malaysia plug. Which pretty much convince me that empress is good.

Hower the Empress product has its downside. When heated there is a bit of plastic smell. Further when u cook, the smell of food will emit which might be disturbing to others. I then comfort myself by covering the metal bowl with a normal small plate to minimise the water generated from the steam from dripping into my food during steaming.

Let see what's inside the electric lunch box
In the package it include 3 stainless steel plate, 2 cover, 1cup for measuring, egg holder with stick and instruction manual. 

This is a set. The big, small  plate and plastic cover. the small plate is stack in the big bowl. Plastic cover cannot be use during steamming. It is also not leak proof so be careful if you were to transport soup. It will leak out.

Medium size bowl with cover. Its suppose to be airtight however it is not airtight to me.
Empress electric lunch box. The diagram in a nutshell.

The instruction manual will also teach you how to cook the rice- 1cup of the plastic cup provided with 1and half cup water in the stainless steel bowl.

How to use
I use a normal drinking cup, fill up about 3/4 cup water, pour into the plastic main unit, stack the bowl like in the diagram.plug in and press the one touch button. I general use about 30 min to cook. The vege I will put it in at the last 5-7 min. Do note that when the water run out at the main unit, the cooker will auto shut down as per manual instruction.

If u do not want to use so many tiers, you can omit the middle tier altogether.

You may come to notice why I didn't post the photo of the plastic exterior. This is due to i have left the plastic exterior permanently in my office! So you can just refer to the diagram for an overview.


sokasue said...

i bought one on 23rd March At Pantai Jerejak Penang and had just started to use . i didn't pour water into the main unit and seems the light went off . I am not sure how to use because the instruction manual fog cooling rice didn't mention that we need to pour water into the main unit . Well i took out the rice abd use my rice cooker . Will go back to the shop for instruction .

Yvonne said...

I just saw your comments and I have written another post on how to use it (with pictures). Sorry it took me a long time to come back to you. I might be a bit late, so this post will benefit those who just bought it.


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