Sunday, November 18, 2007

My favourite food in n around Genting Highland

Restaurant in Mushroom Farm - Butter fish (5/5 rating)I had this wonderful meal in mushroom farm. Their service is excellent though waiting time is long. They provide free transport to those who stayed in genting hotel since mushroom farm is quite a distance away. When i arrive at 2, the restaurant are pack to the seam~

One of their main dish specialty is the butter fish dish. Wow when the fish finally arrive, the sight itself are truly mouthwatering! The stir fry fish bone stood proudly in the centre of the plate while its flesh has been cut into cube and dunk into their batter. Spread liberally over the fish is floss that taste like butter and fish. In actuality it is egg and butter! I m amaze how they make the floss considering the usual process in chicken floss is to fry the chicken till dry and shred it. Till now i can still remember the taste and i have this intense craving to eat it again.

Though the fish cost RM40 and long waiting time, i feel that it is worth my time and money. I had never taste such delicious butter fish before. It is large and adequate for more than 5 person to eat. Since it is a restaurant they have other dishes too but i feel this one really stand out. Their soup are not their high point though. I will order drink if i were u~

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