Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Garlic Bread recipe

Good morning! I am enjoying my off day by reheating mushroom soup that i made this week and making garlic bread! Nice way to start the day with my favorite soup (in western menu) and dipping my garlic bread in the mushroom soup.

About making Garlic bread
Actually you can make the paste and store it in fridge. When you want to make bread just spread the paste on your bread and toast for 5 min (the first time/3min for next batch)
You can use butter or margarine. As for the seasoning I use the Maggi cukup rasa/chicken Maggi mee instant noodle seasoning (i kept the seasoning when cooking the chicken Maggi mee) or chicken cube (any brand). If you dont have this 3 seasoning then you can use salt. But I find that the bread taste better when you put the maggi seasoning.
Another seasoning which is optional is Oregano leaves.

How to make Garlic bread
1. Garlic - Peel the skin and pound
2. Butter/marjerin
3. Maggi seasoning/salt - small pinch
4. Oregano leaf (optional) - small pinch
(Mix all together starting from 1-4)

If you only have basic ingredient at hand. You can include garlic, butter and salt.

As you can make and store it. I don't have the exact measurement as the combination of garlic and butter/margarine is to taste. I will usually use 1-2clove garlic and when stirring in the butter, i will put in 1 tablespoon at a time. When I see the butter has blend well with garlic and the garlic peaking out of the butter then its ready. Don't put too much butter otherwise you will only taste the butter flavor as it will mask out the garlic.

If garlic portion is more than butter than the taste of garlic will be too overpowering. Just spread a thin layer of butter on ur bread or add in more butter into your paste.

What bread to use?
My favorite is French loaf, bread with sesame seed on it but normal sandwich bread will do.

Method of eating the garlic bread.
I notice 2 method.
1. Toast the bread then spread the paste
2. Spread the paste on the bread then toast it.

Option 1 the taste of the garlic will be more pronounce. Option 2 ensure that your garlic is cook before eating. So it depends on you. If you are afraid of germs/contamination/hygiene/stomach upset then just use option 2.

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