Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to cook poach egg recipe - the easy way!

Its really easy to poach egg. If you have google on poach egg, you will come across various detailed instruction. I followed steps by steps of their tedious and long explanation and came to a conclusion. Use a medium pot (my pot 10cm tall), hot water, egg and vinegar. Its actually very simple. Poach egg can be use from Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce to matching Chinese dried mee. I have not made eggs benedict but i have tried matching it with burger meat.

 Poach egg matching with burger. A nice and light supper! Look how runny the egg yolk is!

Poach egg is not only easy to make, the egg white tend to be cook while the egg yolk remain runny! Imagine the egg yolk burst out and out comes runny looking egg yolk! Ooishi! My favorite way of eating half cook egg is to eat the egg white first then slowly move in and pop the egg yolk into my mouth. I love the sensation where the whole yolk burst in my mouth!

The main ingredient in making Poach Egg is Vinegar. Because it keeps the egg from separating when you pour the egg into the water.

 Main ingredient: Vinegar     

 10cm pot. Read on to understand why you need a medium tall pot.

 1. Fill water into the pot. Slightly higher than the egg level.

 2. When water boil (when air bubble start to appear at the bottom of the pot). Break egg into a small bowl. Slowly tip the egg into the boiling water.

 3. Do not stir the water. Let the egg cook for a min or two. Also do not walk away from the egg. You can add another 2-3 egg into the pot depending on your pot size.

 4. The reason you need a medium size pot! When the water boil with the egg inside, bubble will start to form. Switch off gas. Sometimes the egg will stick to the bottom. Scoop it up carefully.

Beautiful poach egg. Cook egg white with runny egg yolk.


shirley said...

wat a BEAUTIFUL piece of poached egg!!!

Yvonnelew said...

Thank you Shirley!!!

Guy said...

Yes! I cooked that and bought nasi lemak to go with it. It's fantastic. I learnt how to do it from Jamie Oliver's program.

The egg photo plus your description makes me feel that the 11 minutes to my lunch time is as long as 11 years!


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