Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to make yogurt recipe - the easy way!

Making yogurt is so easy and simple that you should try making them yourself. There is a sense of satisfaction and you can adjust the thickness of the yogurt base on individual preference. Plus by making them yourself, you know what you have put in and may skip store bought yogurt with preservative added. You only need 3 ingredients in making yogurt: hot water, milk powder and yogurt starter. As for utensil its best to use thermos to maintain a consistent temperature to enable the yogurt bacteria to germinate.

Its been a long time that i last made my yogurt. Its actually super easy to make yogurt. I am not sure why they make it so complicated at the website when i google them. Maybe because their weather is different which is why they are complicating the process by double boiling and cooking. My mum advice that I must make the yogurt at night to maximize the chance of the yogurt to succeed.

#Yogurt starter
#Milk powder - about 4 tablespoon each cup
#Hot water
#normal size drinking cup (1-2 cups depending on the quantity you wanted to make)
#thermos to maintain a consistent temperature

-Pour hot water in cup
-Put about 4 big tablespoon of milk powder into each cup. I like putting a lot of milk powder as I like my yogurt to have a thick consistency. You can adjust the number of scoop you put in.
-Once satisfied with the thickness, wait till the milk become warm. You can test by putting your finger in. If too hot then the yogurt starter bacteria will die.
- Put in the yogurt starter when the temperature of the milk is below 120°F(49°C), but don't let the milk cool below 90°F (32°C). 110°F (43°C) is the optimal temperature. 
-Once warm put in about 1 tablespoon of yogurt starter into the milk.
-Pour all the mixture into thermos. Cap it and leave overnight for about 8 hours at room temperature. If you leave the yogurt outside too long, the yogurt may turn sour. Store the yogurt into the fridge once the yogurt is ready.
 1 tablespoon. I add in about 4 scoop.

The mixture after stirring the milk. You can sieve the milk before pouring into the thermos.

There might be some liquid pooling in the yogurt. Just pour away the water and consume the yogurt like normal. If you have fruits like strawberry or apple. Cut them into small slices and mix into the yogurt. Yogurt is a "cooling" type of food (according to my mum). If you tend to eat heaty food like curry, you can eat yogurt to balance out your diet. However please eat the yogurt in moderation.

Yogurt are versatile. Other than adding fruits into yogurt, you can make yogurt ice cream, yogurt shake and yogurt drink. I will expand this page if i try anything new with yogurt.
 Breakfast Parfait recipe taken from DonnaHay website. At the bottom i grind Post banana cornflakes. Add in a teaspoon of honey before pouring in the yogurt mixture. I mix in some Raspberry, icing sugar into the yogurt. I top it with Raspberry and a teaspoon of honey.

 Mixing yogurt with my banana cornflakes! Can drizzle 1 teaspoon honey for added taste.

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