Monday, October 25, 2010

Kitchen spree in October

 I went Singapore recently and bought a lot of kitchen utensils. I mainly wanted to get a Braun hand mixer and weighing machine plus a visit to Phoon Huat. I end up finding tonnes of treasure trove and switch my purchase of hand mixer to Philip HR1561 that cost $50 at Courts Causeway Point in Woodlands. Took picture of all my new toys below.

 Philip HR1561
 Philip HR1561. Cost $50 and has 350 walt motor. In the box it include beater and dough hooks, 2 year warranty, instruction manual and storage box.

I needed a hand mixer to replace my Elba hand mixer. I realize that my stand mixer is too big to handle certain recipe with small quantity. Which is why I needed a hand mixer!

 Electronic weighing machine from Japan bought for $59.90. This baby is so cute and light! First red button: on/off button. The second pink button: reset the weight if you put a bowl on it which means you do not have to include the bowl measurement when you measure your ingredient.

My journey to Phoon Huat prove to be a fruitful journey! I found loads of item that I couldn't find in JB. I wish I can buy ALL of them but I selected a few that I plan to use sometime soon. I bought Instant Read Thermometer, Oven thermometer, Piping bag, Gelatine made from fish and Vanilla pods!

Cooper Oven thermometer. Useful if you are unsure of your oven's temperature. My oven does not state the temperature clearly so I was using some guesswork to get the temperature right. Cost $10.09 at Phoon Huat.

Cooper Instant Read Thermometer. Useful when your recipe calls for certain temperature. Eg the ideal temperature to melt chocolate and white chocolate. Cost $14.70. I am glad i hold of purchasing this thermometer while i was shopping around Metro at Woodlands. Cause the price there was $39.90 for an Instant Read Thermometer (i forget the brand).
 Fish Gelatine! Finally I found a Gelatine that both my Indian friend and Chinese friend could consume when i make cake. Was having a headache to look for a suitable replacement when the ingredient calls for Gelatine. Cost $1.50

 Vanilla pods! Finally i found Vanilla pods in Singapore. I was searching high and low for this elusive ingredient in JB. A lot of western recipe calls for Vanilla pods and its suppose to be more flavorful compare with Vanilla flavoring. I am really happy when i found it! I can also make Vanilla sugar at home from this Vanilla pods.
Cost $10 at Phoon Huat.

Piping bag. I belief its easier to use than the plastic bottle type. Price $3.77

 My Kitchen Shopping spree in Singapore

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