Friday, October 8, 2010

Oreo Ice cream cake recipe

 Two days ago while surfing the net for ice cream ideas, i came across a site that sell ice cream cake. The cake look so pretty and delicious. I really wanted to eat the cake. Then it struck me that hey instead of buying the ice cream cake, i can make one myself! Then i started googling and came across Laura Vitale's recipe for Oreo Ice cream cake. The ice cream cake is entirely made of Vanilla ice cream, Caramel + Chocolate syrup and Oreo cookies. This recipe does not have cake base in it. The video look so simple that i wanted to make them immediately! However as its my first attempt, i decided to go small in this project. Instead of using a 9inch springform pan, i went and bought a 4.5inch pan with a detachable bottom. I never really followed the measurement in the website as i modified the base and i find that sauce included in the ice cream should be according to individual taste. I made Vanilla ice cream so I will use up my own vanilla ice cream. You can also can get vanilla ice cream from store.

Oreo cookies - 2 packet - About 135gram
Caramel sauce - 1 tablespoon for mixture and 1 teaspoon for topping
Chocolate sauce - 1 tablespoon (I use Hershey chocolate syrup)
Vanilla ice cream - 300gram

Before we start line the pan with plastic wrap. So that its easier to take out ice cream once refrigerated.

Making the Base
60g oreo cookies - crush
15 butter - melt
- Mix both together
- Press the mixture into the bottom of the pan
- Freeze for 10min or so to let it harden

Making the Ice cream
- Take out the ice cream and let it sit at room temperature till its soften.
- Crush about  50g oreo cookies for filling/20g for topping

- Pour in the caramel, chocolate and crush Oreo cookies into the Vanilla ice cream. Mix them.
- Line the pan with Oreo cookies
- Pour in the ice cream mixture into the pan. Garnish with crush oreo cookies and caramel sauce
- Cover with plastic and freeze it for about 6 hours

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