Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tuna Mayo Croissant bread

My favorite way of eating Croissant is to stuff it with Tuna Mayo, lettuce and cheese!

Why u should make your very own tuna croissant?
Nothing beats making your own tuna mayo croissant. Once you have tried it you will find that the store bought ones will pale drastically in comparison. Look at the pic, now try to imagine you are holding a warm and toasty croissant with a generous filling of cold tuna mayo line with chilled lettuce and slightly melting cheese. You open your mouth and give it a big bite. When you bite you can taste the crispy warm texture of the bread at the same time you can taste the chilled taste of mayonnaise with tuna, the crunchy texture of the lettuce and the melting cheese that enhance the overall taste. If u like what u imagine and you can feel that your saliva is in overdrive, that means that you should really start making this delicious and easy recipe! Store bought one pale in comparison because they are usually cold and its pretty rare that the croissant will remain crispy.

How to prepare Tuna Mayo
Ingredient: 1 can of tuna water in chunk, 1 onion, 1 pinch of salt and add mayo to taste.
I prefer making my own tuna mayo. I do not like the artificial taste of the ready made tuna mayo. 
-Open the can take out the tuna and drain the water.
-Smash the tuna chunks. 
-Chop one onion into small pieces. Put into the tuna and mix. 
-Add a pinch of salt. 
-Add mayo to taste. Best put about 2 1/2 tablespoon first. Add more if not enough.
-Tuna mayo taste so much better when they are chilled. For best result, chill it overnight in fridge.

How to prepare the tuna mayo croissant.
The croissant is store bought. To assemble the bread like in the picture. 
- Cut the middle with a knife - purpose is to put the filling. Basically try to make a big hole.
- Toast the croissant for about 5 mins. Leave it in the toaster till it’s a bit crispy for about 1 or 2 mins.
- Carefully take out the croissant. While the croissant is still warm and toasty (careful cause it is hot), stuff with lettuce and cheese
- Second inner layer is tuna mayo!

You may have leftover tuna mayo in which you can spread on normal 2 sandwich bread. After spreading the tuna mayo cut the bread into half or quarter. Subsequently get ride of the brown side using a knife. Chill in fridge n u will get delicious chilled tuna mayo sandwich bread. This sandwich version is great for picnic, fast meal if made in advance, or for gathering which what my mum usually does.

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