Sunday, April 13, 2014

Avocado, Mango, Banana Fruit Juice

Avocado, Mango, Banana Fruit Juice

This is a great combo. And the main flavor is coming from the Avocado. I only started avocado recently and wasn't sure how to use or choose avocado. I once use unrip avocado and the skin is really hard to peel and unrip avocado tasted bitter.

How to - Avocado
Use avocado when they are ripe. Green colour skin is not ripe. Those ripe avocado are the brownish green colour type. It almost look "rotten" as the skin will be brownish with wrinkly skin.

Buying Avocado
If you want to buy avocado and use immediately, dont buy those bright/pretty green colour. Buy those that are brownish or brownish green and ugly. Press it and if it is a bit soft then it is good. If it is hard then means it is not ripe yet. Shake it and make sure there is no sound coming from the seed. If the seed come out, it means that avocado is over rip.

If you bought a green and unrip avocado, you can just leave it outside at room temperature till it turn brownish colour. Once the colour turn to your satisfaction, press it and if it is a bit soft then it is ready to eat. If you are not going to eat it immediately, store in the fridge as it will stop browning. Consume within days.

1 ripe Avocado
1 mango
1 banana

B) Low fat milk - eyeball to the consistency that you wanted

C)Ice cream - optional

Blend A finely. It will look like a thick paste, you may add the milk to the consistency that you wanted. You may add ice cream for the extra richness and flavor. If you want healthier option, then omit the ice cream.

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