Friday, October 19, 2007

Hot dog bread roll (boil & fry)

Photo: Hot dog bread roll

This is a unique recipe created by my mum~ Suitable as snack in a party and its very easy to make.~

Hot dog
1/2 Egg (beat the egg)
[Qty varies. It depend how many hot dog u want to make. 1 bread for 1 hot dog]

Rolling pin

Ingredient: Hot dog bread roll before fry

-Boil the hot dog. Take it out with sieve and let the water drip and the hot dog dry
-Flatten the bread with rolling pin [If we did not roll the bread then it will absorb the oil like sponge to water]
-Put one hot dog into bread. Roll the bread tightly into cylinder. Seal the bread with egg. Cut the bread into 3 pcs

Photo: Frying

-Fry it till golden brown (put a few hot dog at a time). It will only take few minute.
-Ready to be serve

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