Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Favourite food in Johor Bahru/Johor (Malaysia) Part 1

Bi Hoon with Fish slices and Fish Ball
I forget the shop name but its located in Kebun Teh. Near Danga Mall formerly known as Best world. Its a T junction right next to the shop. Its actually a corner house modified become a small shop stall. A strategic located as there is a heavy traffic flow. I love to order this because they use fresh fish slices and fish ball. Price is around RM4. A nice place to eat if u are looking to eat at normal stalls.

Restaurant NB Soon Lee -bitter gout soup

Picture: Bitter gout soup

My rating: 5 star
How frequent we can eat: As frequently as u like
Why is it nice: delicious and healthy food, family environment, affordable price, not oily
What i ate there: Bitter gout soup (feature), Crispy fried pork, Crispy tafu

This restaurant is popular because of their feature dish bitter gout soup. Their soup is really nice. Even when i am a bitter gout phobic (i hate to eat bitter food since i am a kid) also like their soup because they some how remove their bitterness. I think its because they slice their bitter gout into very thin pcs and soak it in salt water before cooking. Beside their bitter gout soup their image is like those healthy family restaurant that serve nice food at affordable price. 3 of us went to their restaurant and order crispy fried pork, tafu, bitter gout soup, free refill of rice and a cup of liang char drink and it all cost Rm20. Its really cheap considering we eat until we are full. So if u want to eat regular nice food and ur mum dont feel like cooking then u can go to this restaurant.
Location: Its near Taman Sutera. Their shop is quiet distinctive because they have a crawling plant at their entrance which are actually bitter gout plant. The shop is within a row of shop facing a housing area.

Full add: No. 54, Jalan NB 2 1/4, Taman Nusa Bestari 2, 81300 Skudai, Johor.
Hp: 019-7585168

Century garden backlane stall (no name)
What i ate there: Laksa - rating: 4 1/2, Wan tan mee - rating: 4, Char Kueh tiao - 3 1/2, Ice kacang - rating 4 1/2
Overall rating: 5 star
How frequent we can eat there: As frequent as u like (However pls note that they are not as healthy as family food)

There is no name for this backlane street. They are just many stall in one street. The most note worthy are the their laksa, wan tan mee and char kueh tiao. After eating those food its really great to match with ais kacang as dessert. This is my favorite childhood food and i ate them countless time and some how i never get bored with their taste.

Picture: Laksa
Laksa (RM3-4): Their soup is really delicious. Just the first taste and u will be hook to it instantly. Their laksa also sold out very fast. They open at 6 and usually they will sold out by 8pm. However they did not get full marks because they did not stuff their ta fu with fish filing. So if u eat them often, u might ended up being bored with the dish because of the tafu. Note: Not suitable for ppl who like the thick version of laksa soup.

Wan tan mee (RM3~): Some stall they like to cook their mee till its soggy but this stall make it just nice. Out off all the wan tan mee i taste, i still prefer this version.Picture: I "take away" this ais kacang. Otherwise it wont look like this if u eat in the stall.

Ice kacang: Johor bahru ice kacang version is with coco, milk and sirap as toppings. It really nice to match it with the main dish.

Location: It located behind standard chartered, near kerry and mobil station. A few minute from town.

p/s: The above rating is base on which one i order most. Some ppl will rate the kueh tiao higher cos they ate kueh tiao more at the place.

Yipao Restaurant - Mian fen kuih (RM3.50~)
My rating: 4 1/2
How frequent we can eat it: Frequently
Picture: Mian fen kuih (take away)
This shop sell really nice mian fen kuih. Their mian fen kuih is soft and thin. Its match with cengkul manis vege, fried ikan bilis, pork ball and egg. For RM3.50 u get a generous serving of mian fen kuih and pork ball. I like this shop because their food is nice, affordable and they are generous in term of proportion.

Location: The row of shop on the left side kerry shopping complex main entrance. U will be at the correct road if u see a indian coffee shop and king surf internet cafe on the same row if u enter from the highway.

Yummy Steam boat
My rating: 4 1/2
How frequent we can eat: frequently but will get bored of if eat too often
Price: moderate if u order rice to match with ala carte food

This is a ala carte steam boat. That means u can choose which food u want to eat and u pay for them individually. Their steam boat is all soup base and there is no frying. The highlight of this shop is that their food is fresh and their cili sauce is really superior. Once u taste the food and sauce, u will get instantly hook by it. The sauce is more of thai sauce. Its also a nice family and friends get together place.

Location: the shop is located in a row of shop and its near the main road. The shop in Jalan Harimau tarum is easy to find as its near Crystal crown hotel.

Latest update jan 20-2010: their thai souce are not that superior anymore and i notice that there are younger ppl managing the place which are the relative of the "pioneer" ppl.


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