Friday, October 19, 2007

Papa's Mi fen soup

Picture: Papa's Mi fen soup

This is my father's unique Mi fen/bee hoon soup. This dish is a Chinese dish and it is not sold at shops. It is so unique that i call it Papa's mi fen soup. The main reason that it is unique is because any kind of meat/seafood can be use to cook it. Another reason is that its really easy and fast to prepare. The key is to put as many combo of meat/seafood as u can.

Ingredient (Qty depend on u)
The combo of any meat and seafood is up to u (seasoning them 1st are optional):
Any meat - Pork/beef/chicken
Any seafood - prawn/squid/fish
Bee hoon (wash and soak for few minute)
Any suitable vege - Tau geh (Bean sprouts)/Sawi
Egg, 1 cube maggi seasoning (optional)

-Boil water in kuali/pot and + 1 cube maggi seasoning .
-Meat (1st). Stir.
-Seafood (2nd). Stir
-Next put bee hoon and vege if everyone is going to eat it immediately or else cook them seperately
-Add in egg
-Scoop out and ready to eat~~ :)

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