Saturday, May 1, 2010

Curry Chicken recipe to compliment the Thosai (Part 2)

Making Chicken Curry

I wanted to make the curry to compliment my thosai. I decided to make the curry and thosai spontaneously when i found that no one cook for dinner. As it was spontaneous I tried to make do with the ingredients that I have on hand. I am not expert in making curry but the curry ended up taste great and the spices I use really enchance the flavour. Though my curry is successful it can further improve since my dad's curry taste even better than mine.

I wanted to prepare for 3 ppl. Therefore I wont be using a whole chicken. I cut down on the proportion:
-3/4 of half a chicken
4 tomato
3 potato
4 small onion and 1 big onion
2 pandan leaf/ 2 stalk of curry leaf/ fragrant leaf (not sure of exact name but its a replacement for corriander leaf according to my mum) / serai
Cilli powder/ Baba's Meat Curry Powder /
2 teaspoon of Santan and 2 teaspoon of MilkI also add 2 clove of garlic and ginger
4 Clove (Bunga Cengkih)
1 Star anise
3 Cardamon pods
1 Cinnamon

2 teaspoon of santan and 2 teaspoon of milk

The making of curry

-Cut the potato and tomato into quarters
-Chop the garlic, ginger, small and big onion into pcs - blend in food chopper
-Clean the pandan leaf, fragrant leaf, curry leaf and serai
-Flatten the serai. Put on the chopping board and use something hard to flatten the serai
-Once that the curry is almost ready. Lastly mix the santan and milk in a bowl and add some water

1. Pour some oil into kuali. Stir fry with small fire all the spices - Cinnamon, Star anise, Cardamon pods, Clove for few seconds.
2. Stir fry the mixture of onion/garlic/ginger/serai
3. Put in the fragrant leaf/ curry leaf
4. Put in the tomato, potato and chicken
5. Put in a very humble amt of cili powder - about half a teaspoon
6. Put in the curry powder. Make sure the curry powder cover the chicken adequately
Curry powder burn easily so make sure to control the fire. Overall I use medium to small fire.
7. Stir fry until its fragrant but dont burn the curry powder or the spices. If the spices burn then the curry will turn bitter
8. Transfer the whole mixture into a soup pot. Pour water till it covers the chicken. Dont pour too much else the curry will be too watery.

Cook about half hour - 45minutes. Check intermediary. Medium to small fire.

15 minutes before the chicken is ready put in the pandan leaf.

Once done put some salt to taste. Add in the santan/milk. Once we add the santan we cant cook for long as the santan can turn into oil if cook too long.

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