Saturday, May 1, 2010

Making Thosai the easy way (Part 1)

Thosai and Curry Chicken!

I made Thosai using Thosai Mix from Lingam's

Lingam's Thosai Mix. 500gram price at RM3.40

The thosai mix is bought from this shop Rejeeta along Jalan Trus near the Indian temple and Komtar in town

I wanted to make thosai for quiet some time but I was quiet discourage while discussing about making thosai with my colleague. Out of the conversation i gather that making thosai from scratch is more suitable for large family and that the preparation have to be done overnite.

One day my Indian colleagues came back from lunch break with some of their shopping and i discovered that thosai can be cook instantly! I was overcome with excitement and my colleague kindly sold her pack to me! Its call Thosai Mix and the brand is Lingam's. It is bought from a Indian shop. Next time i will try follow them to discover where they bought it [i have posted the photo above]. Thank you Indra and Geetha for sharing with me your Thosai making as i discover something new today!

At first I did not expect much from the instant thosai mix but the taste is surprisingly tasty (yummilicious) and very close to the thosai bought from Indian restaurant!

The Thosai Mix is very easy to prepare. One pack comes in 500gram. As I only prepare for 3 ppl, I use about 250 gram. In the end I made about 9 thosai.

According to the instruction it is to mix 500 gram of the pack + 1000 litre of water and set it aside for 10 min. Pour one scoop of mixture on flat pan and spread evenly to thin round shape. Serve with curry and chutney.

The way i prepare:
1. 250 gram of thosai mix (If you have 6 members than u can use all)
2. I follow the instruction and put 500litre water but while cooking i ended up adding another 300 litre water as the mix is still too thick.
3. Stir the water and the mix till its smooth and make sure there is no lumps.
4. In order to get ride of the lumps I sieve the mixture.
5. Let it stand for 10 minutes.

Before I prepare the thosai I have cook the curry. While waiting 30 min for the curry to be cook I prepare the thosai.

6. Heat the pan. Cut an onion into half. Use fork to poke it and use it to oil the pan.
7. Use a scoop - the kind that i use to scoop out soup - take out a scoop and pour slowly on the pan.
8. Wait until the bottom is brown. The top will remain white. It takes a few tries to judge when its cook. Fold it in half and ready to serve. Make sure dont turn it to cook.

Some pictures for illustration:
Set it aside after mixing the Thosai Mix and water

Poke the onion and oil the pan by circling it round the pan

Required Utensils: Flat Pan and Palette Knife

Pour one scoop of the mixture onto the flat pan

I will show how I made the curry in a second part. Combining both will make the post look too long.

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