Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vanilla Ice cream with Oreo cookies recipe

I made Vanilla Ice cream and they taste delicious! Its a Philadelphia style ice cream so there is no eggs involve! After freezing the ice cream for about 2 hours I garnish with crush Oreo biscuit. The taste of Vanilla and Oreo really complement each other. The recipe is taken from Food Wishes by Chef John. You can even find his video of the vanilla ice cream in Youtube.

I change some of the ingredients and steps. I do not have heavy whipping cream and heavy cream. I use the Bridel Whipping Cream.

I have modified the quantities according to the one state in my Philips ice cream maker manual.

-400ml milk. I use FarmHouse fresh milk. Usually when making ice cream they recommend using whole milk.
-150ml whipping cream.
-Quater cup sugar (about 50ml according to cup measurement)
-1 to 2 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring

Steps: In the origianl post from Food Wishes, Chef John heat the milk, sugar and cream together. I wasnt sure about heating the Whipping cream, so i change the steps.

- Pour the milk and sugar into a pot. Heat the mixture till the sugar is melted.
- Chill the milk and sugar. I left the mixture to cool to room temperature and pour in the chilled whipping cream.
- I add in about 1 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring
- I chill overnight. Pour into ice cream maker. After half hour. The ice cream is done.

(Picture might be a bit grainy as I use HTC HD2 for the photos)

Chocolate, Green Tea and Daiso shopping in Singapore!

Bought many items mainly for my ice cream making. I bought utensils and ingredients plus some delicious chocolates!

I finally found my matcha Green tea at Meidi ya at Liang court near Dhouby Gout station! Cost $12 and weigh only 30g. The bottle is really small.

Extremely Chocolatey White Chocolate. It cost $4.90 and its really yummy! The white chocolate is just nice with some biscuit in the middle. There is only 8pcs inside though.

While at Orchard, I went from ION to Shaw Centre, I stumble upon a chocolate shop that sells various chocolate and cookies at Wheelock. Most of the products are manufactured by Marks and Spencers. Quiet amaze as I thought that they only sell clothing. Didnt expect them to make chocolate too. The products are made in UK. Curious, I bought a few to try. I spend $17.60.

The chocolate chip cookies taste rather normal. I like the chocolate chip as it taste sweet and nice. It cost $3.30. I wish its more crispy and fresh though.

I also bought the White Chocolate and Swiss Dark Chocolate. Hope that they will contribute to my ice cream making!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Strawberry and Mango ice cream photos

Having fun with the ice cream that I made. This is my favorite combo. When I eat at ice cream shop I normally mix strawberry and mango. So its rather special that I can one day make my own ice cream in my favorite combo. The strawberry and mango taste awesome. The mango ice cream is particular a success as its creamy, smooth and the texture looks like real ice cream compare with the strawberry. When trying to scoop up the strawberry, it will break easily and its hard to mold into a ball. It could be because gelatine is added into mango ice cream and it help in the texture and shape of the ice cream.

The great thing about these 2 ice creams is that they require 100ml whip cream each and require 70 -90g sugar. Both quantity are little compare with other ice cream recipes that requires lots of cream and sugar to work.

I sprinkle the ice cream with white chocolate and almonds on the strawberry. On the mango i garnish with chocolate sprinkle and almonds. Add a bit of whip cream at the side. This round i skip the Hershey chocolate sauce.

My recipe for the ice cream above:
Mango Ice cream recipe

Making Strawberry Ice cream (Recipe)


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