Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dry Mee with poach egg recipe experiment!

I wanted to make dry mee version from those mee stalls. I couldn't really find a recipe so I decided to experiment on my own! I came back from work and I was famish. With a picture of how my mee should be like. I proceed to make poach egg, chop some spring onion, blanch taugeh and red pepper. I also add in a type of fragrant leaf from my mum's garden for added flavour.

As for the dry mee sauce, I played around with sesame oil, light and dark soya sauce, pepper, a bit of salt and sugar. And voila~! My dry mee with poach egg is ready! As I was really hungry I practically slurp the whole mee down! Ooishi!

This experiment is great! Cause it is easy to make and I do not have to rely on instant noodle seasoning! Plus some dry mee sold in stalls has added tonnes of oil in them. This has definitely become a healthier choice! Go try experiment on your own!

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