Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(PART 2) Marathon cooking during my two day off! (Day 2 Oct 19)

Day 2 and I am off to a shooting start!
Garlic bread for breakfast. Decide to make garlic paste and spread over bread followed by toasting! Delicious yummy breakfast~!

 Banana Muffin. I love the banana muffin made last week! Every one who ate it love it too. Since it was such a hit, I decide to make it again this week! This round i forget to melt the butter and surprisingly the muffin turn out better as there is less liquid. Dad say my muffin this round is better than last round! 
I went a little wild and experimented on the topping. 
-Crush almond, almond nibs, and chocolate/white chip (best combo)
-Nestum, Hershey chocolate kisses and honey (too sweet due to the honey - wont try again)
-Oats, Hershey chocolate kisses and honey (better than nestum but still too sweet due to the honey - wont try again)
-Just drizzle honey on top. Disaster as the muffin could not rise (definitely wont try again!)
-Heshey kisses and almond nibs. (Nice but Hershey a bit too sweet. Wont be buying anymore Hershey kisses!)

 Banana muffin! Hershey kisses and almond nibs. Aren't they beautiful?

 The hit. Crush Almonds, almond nibs and chocolate/white chips

Chocolate Chip Cookies. My chocolate chip cookies fail miserably as its too sweet. I bought the wrong type of Chocolate chip but decide to still make them. Next time must buy semi sweet chocolate chip!

For dinner i made Sambal Sotong, Vege and Rice. Funny part of the process is that I manage to cook all nicely except the rice! While washing vege I smell something was burning. Feeling strange that my kuali fire is off, i turn and realize that the smell was coming from my rice! (We use a manual method of cooking rice and we dont use rice cooker) When i open the pot, too late the whole rice has burn and the bottom has turn charcoal black. Throw and make second round of rice while eyeing the fire this time.
Dinner time! Making the rempah for the Sambal Sotong!

Delicious Peranakan Sambal Prawn and Sotong combination! Second time making Sambal sotong/prawn. Finally succeeded! A bit salty to my taste but my dad totally love it! He said he crave for more!
 I feel hungry just looking at the picture!

How to make sambal prawn and sambal sotong (Squid) click here!

 Vege to match my dinner

I begin first half of day by making garlic bread and banana muffin. I clean the dishes, rested and continued making chocolate chip cookies,  Sambal Sotong and Sambal Prawn, vege and rice. Later half of the day I was in a hurry to cook everything. While baking the cookies i multitask between making sambal, cleaning prawn and sotong, cleaning vege, prepare ingredient and rice so that I can serve dinner on time. Needless to say the state of the kitchen was like a tornado has just pass thru it. It was a huge mess! You can see all my kitchen utensils on display! After eating, I started washing everything vigorously. So tired at the end of the day~

Looking at all the pictures. I was rather amaze that I made so many type of cooking. 9 types of food in 2 days. I have covered breakfast, dessert, making yogurt from scratch and main course. From western dessert, chinese food and peranakan food. what should i make next? Hem...I wanted to try making fish and chips! Kacang cream cake is definitely in my agenda. Or how about researching and making Chocolate Molten Lava cake or brownies to match with my ice cream?

Marathon cooking during my 2 day off! (Day 1 Oct 18)

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