Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(PART 1) Marathon cooking during my two day off! (Day 1 Oct 18)

During my day off, I have tonnes of idea of what to make. Manage to make almost all of them except peanut cream cake as I have chosen to make cheese cake! Was rather hyper in making food cos i have the kitchen all to myself especially on the second day~ Also I bought a new toy: Elba Stand Mixer ESMB_9972DG at a Home Fair in JB for RM799. I might write a post of the mixer since I couldn't find a review about it in the net.

The problem about making a lot of food is that; I love making them, but I need to find people to eat them all up! So far my parents are wowed by my Sambal Sotong/Prawn and also the banana muffin. Dad even say my cooking is better than his. High praise coming from him when he usually ate silently. He even come and ask how i cook the sambal. Never would I imagine I would be the one telling my parents how i made things since i usually look up to them on cooking. Previously when i start to cook they were a bit apprehensive to eat for some reason. Looks like they are more receptive now. Though they still seems to avoid if they have never eaten before or if its fattening.

Day 1
Breakfast Parfait.. I was inspired by DonnaHay website. It is actually Raspberry yogurt with honey and cornflakes. I followed the ingredient but I did not really follow the measurement given as I was just mixing them the way I like it. First time I use Raspberry and the smell is amazing! Now I know why so many western dessert chooses Raspberry fruit of all fruit! I use frozen Raspberry fruit bought from Cold storage.

Making yogurt from scratch at night. I remember the last time i made yogurt from scratch was when I was a little kid. I love to pour as much milk powder as possible into the cup. Make it really thick so that I can get really thick yogurt. My parent bought the yogurt starter from the market to get these babies growing. How to make yogurt and Rasberry yogurt above (click this link)

Making Mian Fen Kuih for lunch or rather early tea time. Was making cheese cake during the day. By the time i start and finish this mian fen kuih its almost tea time! I love putting tonnes of ingredient in. My main ingredient is home made meat ball (either pork/beef/fish), cengkul manis, tomato and egg! This round I also add in fish ball and fried ikan bilis. The secret of making a good Mian fen kuih is to make the soup really tasty and knead the mian fen kuih into really thin slices.

Cheese cake! I am trying to improve my cheese cake. Its the same recipe but not sure why the cake always come out differently each time! This round I read some useful tips about making a great cheese cake. With the same recipe I just change the way the cheese cake is cook. By covering it with alluminium foil and by putting the pan into a bigger pan. Pour boiling hot water into the bigger pan. This encourage even cooking. Further not to overbeat to avoid cake cracking.
My beautiful cheese cake! Due to the new method i notice: 
1. The cheese cake does not rise. The cheese cake look flat. 
2. The side will stick to the pan. So need to use a knife to slowly remove the side. I only did that the next day. The correct way is to do that after its cook. To prevent cracking should the cake retract.
3. No cracking!

 Yummy show time!

At the end of day one, I made Rasberry Yogurt with Cornflakes, Making yogurt from scratch, Mian fen kuih and Cheese cake!

Continue my day 2 in a different post! Read on!

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