Sunday, July 10, 2016

Electric Lunch Box Recipe: How to measure and cook rice

How to cook 1 serving/portion of rice by steaming in a kuali or electric lunch box

I took this from the instruction manual as I find the guide useful. I have tried using both the electric lunch box and the conventional kuali for steaming the rice for single/small portion which works for me! I find the method great as previously I had to use a Rice Cooker and their minimum cooking portion is intended for 2 person. Thus there will be times when there are leftover rice and I had to keep it in the fridge which could be troublesome and unhealthy.

With this method, I could cook rice for 1 person only.

Steps for steaming the rice using the Empress Electric Lunch Box.
1. Measure the rice in the measuring cup provided. I use mine from the Empress Electric Lunch box. The cup size measures 100gram of rice. Fill the rice to the RIM. Not lesser and not more.

2. Place the washed rice in the 1.2Lt stainless steel container and add water.

Below are the guide. I find that the 100gram rice is adequate for 1 person.

Rice (cup)s = grams Water Volume for cooking (in th estainless steel container) ml Water volume for steaming (in the main unit) Time
100g 150 160 30
200g 270 180 40
300g 370 190 45
400g 440 200 60

3. Place 1.2Lt stainless steel container into the Main unit. Pour the water as per column 3 above and close the lid. Switch on the electric and cook as per timing provided in column 4 above.

Steps for steaming the rice using conventional steamer or kuali
Rice (cup)s = grams Water Volume for cooking (in th estainless steel container) ml Time
100g 150 30
200g 270 40
300g 370 45
400g 440 60

1. If cooking for 1 person, Follow the 100gram guide as per above chart with 150ml water and put it in a large bowl. I tested using stainless steel bowl and it works.
2. Put in your steamer and steam for 30min.

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