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Episode S2E15 home food rescue / mr baek the homemade food master - steak recipe

Episode S2E15 home food rescue / home made food master - steak recipe

I love this show and I have tried a few of the show recipe with great results. Thus I tried to document recipes while watching the show.
Some parts may be estimate and I will create a separate post with pictures should I try them out.

According to chef baek, he uses beef's shoulder to prepare the steak. There is 3  type of thickness shown. The common one are thin and thick. Thin one is available in supermarket while thick (he show 4 time more thick than the thin steak) steak is sold by the butcher. From the show it look like thin one are easier to prepare. The third type shown in the show are bulgolgi meat - to me it look like those fatty meat seen in steam boat.

3 things that r important when cooking steak is
1) Seasoning
3)Side dish

Salt front and back
Black pepper front and back
Tap the seasoning in a bit

For thick stick need to season for two,  hours - for thin will take lesser time but he didn't specify

To avoid shrinking, cut the meat a bit here n there normally around the pork got slit n in middle

Use normal flour. Coat the meat both side thoroughly
( The above seasoning technic is use throughout the show)

Steak recipe 1 - garlic steak recipe
6-7 garlic, skin removed but no need cut small

Put oil in non steak, 1 layer. Put more oil if it is for thick steak.
Cook slowly, medium fire.put 6-7 garlic surrounding the stick. Don't cook until golden brown.
Flip the meat and it is still white. Turn the non stick sideway to cook side of meat if thick.
When ready the meat is still whitish in colour.
Drain the oil and take out garlic. Put the meat back into the pan, cut a small piece of butter put in n cook. The meat is slightly brown at this stage and serve

Recipe 2- garlic Steak with tomato sauce
Cook steak again with garlic at side 7 pcs and 1 slice meat, drain oil n take out garlic,  then put butter n cook meat. Take out meat and set aside

Make sauce
With the leftover butter, continue with
1 tb sugar. Use normal spoon
2 tb tomato sauce
1 tb soy sauce
1tb vinegar. Stir all and cook till no sour taste then add aboutHalf a cup water  bit by bit. Then put in steak n garlic. It will absorb the water.
Put some black pepper season to taste and serve.

Recipe 3 - Steak with 2nd sauce
Cook the steak, drain oil, put in butter. Cook steak.take out steak.
Cut onion into slice n cook till soften, put in two spoon sugar, 4 spoon tomato sauce, 2 spoon soy sauce,2 spoon vinegar. Pour in about half cup water bit by bit n stir.consistency a bit thick.pour on top of steak

But if pour too much water n it become watery then put the steak in n cook together.

Cook sunny side egg seperately n serve together

Recipe 4 - Steak with 3rd sauce
Prepare the side-
Salad recipe.
Some Cut carrot slice
SomeCut cucumber slice
Some Salad
Cut half onion semi ring

Salad sauce recipe.
All 1:1 ratio. Sugar 0.5
1/3 soy sauce thick Korean
1/3 cup water
1/3cup white sesame seed
1/6 cup sugar
1/3 mayonnaise
(This sauce can also use with soft tofu)

Prepare steak
1-2 steak
Half onion cut semicircle
Some White mushroom cut slice (same as the type make mushroom soup)

When almost cook the steak put in onion n mushroom.
Take out steak.
Drain out put aside onion mix.

Make sauce
Put some oil and some flour together 1:1 ratio - sauce demi glace
Cook and stir till yellow
Put in milk about 1 cup bit by bit and stir
A bit salt
Put back onion mix
Put some water till a bit watery
Put in steak.
And season with black pepper.let it cook a while n serve.

Seperately put in the salad and sauce together.

Take out steak and serve together with sauce

Recipe 5 - Steak using bulgolgi meat. It look like steam boat meat with fat
Season steak with salt n pepper. After a while dip into flour

Side recipe
Mash potato recipe
4 Steam potato - mash
1 cup milk (For four potato medium use 1 cup milk n stir. Potato will absorb the milk)
Salt a bit
Sugar a bit
Krim putar 1/3 cup. Could b wip cream
Mix everything together

Cut cucumber
Red capsicum

Put oil n cook steak.once cook take out
Put in vege mix
Stir fry n take out

Put butter 3 small piece n flour . Cook till coklat. 1 spoon sugar ,4 spoon tomato sauce, 2 spoon soy sauce, 2 cuka. 1 cup water. Stir bit by bit. Or up to 2 cup water
. Put in vege mix
Some black pepper
Put in steak n cook.
Serve with mash potato n steak

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