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Home Food Rescue / Mr. Baek The Homemade Food Master S213 - Breakfast Recipe

I love watching this show and decided to document or cook some of the food shown in the cooking show. Some of the amount are an estimate if the measurement was not mention. Other times I may modify the steps.

1) Breakfast A
2 -3 medium size potato - cut with skin still intact. Wash the skin before cutting.
Half to 1 yellow onion - cut small
2 pieces Bacon - cut small
Sunny side egg

1. Put oil in the frying pan
2. Cook potato first for few min till colour change to slightly yellow
3. Put in onion, a pinch of salt
4. Followed by bacon shorthly and stir fry. Turn and cook potato at all side. The bacon and onion will be small and hard to see.
5.Put some black pepper. Take out and put on plate.

6. Pour oil and cook sunny side up next. Ready to serve.

Breakfast B
2-3 Potato - cut with skin intact
1 yellow Onion
2 Hotdog - slice vertically but they r still joint together
Scrambled egg

Like breakfast A, cook potato, onion, a pinch salt, then push aside and put in hot dog and black pepper. Take out

Put in 3 egg in fry pan, pinch of salt, stir fast while cooking to get scrambled using chop stick

Above are the original steps. Alternatively if you would like to add milk, then the scrambled egg recipe are
3 eggs
3 tbsp milk
A pinch of salt and sugar. Mix everything and cook. During cooking, keep stirring.

Frittata recipe - everything cook in 1 pan
1-2 small Potato direbus cut
2 big PCs Mushroom cut - not sure what mushroom but its white and long - cube
About 2 slices Bacon cut
1 Hotdog cut thin
1 or less Onion cut cube

The idea is that you can use any ingredient in fridge

Bayam a small handful- cut

Fry pan with a bit oil
Put in A)
Put a pinch of salt and black pepper
When almost cook, put Bayam
Take out everything and filter out the soft Bayam

3 egg- the amount of egg is determine whether the egg volume can cover the food mix above
Milk half volume of egg
Black pepper
Bread skin - cut a few pieces and mix into egg
Mix in the food into egg

Rightfully we should bake it and the heat will surround it, but we use fry pan whereby heat come from bottom so use aluminium foil cover

Put in oil n test heat by dripping some egg, if sizzle then it's hot enough.Put in egg mixture stir
Put in cheese slices. Cover with aluminium foil

What we are afraid of is the risk of burning. Thus in order to avoid burning, you need to stir and cook till halfway before putting cheese and aluminium foil. after that you just need to wait around 3 min.

Use small fry pan that curve like a bowl a bit

Recipe 4: Pancake recipe A
2 cup pancake mix Korean
1 cup water
Mix and stir to let air in
Take ladle scope one and put in pan slowly
Small fire
2 drop oil..then use tisu spread oil. No need heat oil and put in pancake
Bubble appear flip
Then flip again

Above are the shows original version however since I do not have pancake mix, I have make the mix from scratch

Made from scratch Pancake recipe
70gram all purpose flour
1tsp bake powder
A pinch salt
1 tbsp sugar

96g milk
30g egg
15g butter - melted
a bit of vanilla essence
(Obtain from
Prepare A by sifting. Followed by stir in B. Don't over mix. Rest for 10 min.

When serve cut a square butter put at center, put maple syrup

To serve 1
As maple syrup is expensive, you can substitute with the following steps

Make own syrup
Sugar and water is 1:1
Half cup water
Half cup sugar brown
Pour both into pan
Cook till it bubble and remove. It look almost like maple syrup colour. The syrup look watery when remove from pot but will thicken a bit when it cool down.

To serve 2
Sieve icing sugar on pancake
Put butter on top
Put blueberry

Recipe: Pancake Reciple B (I have tried this!)
Pancake at bottom
Slice cheese on top
Cook egg, 2 ham and put on top.. ham first followed by egg.
Drizzle syrup on egg and top bread and prick with hole, cover the top
Cut into half and serve

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