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Home Food Rescue / Mr. Baek The Homemade Food Master -1) Cooking Pancake, Ham and Scramble Egg Recipe 2) Breakfast B s2e13

Pancake, Ham and Scramble Egg Recipe 

 Pancake, Ham and Scramble Egg Recipe 
Or you can eat it in a burger style just like in the Home Food Rescue show

Inspired from the show, I have decided to make Pancake today. As I do not have the Pancake Mix and I could not be sure of the Scramble Egg Recipe, I have modified the steps accordingly.

The recipe below are intended for 2 servings:-

As maple syrup is expensive, you can substitute with the following steps

Make own syrup
Sugar and water ratio is 1:1. As the ratio is 1 to 1,  you may modify the quantity as you wish.
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup sugar brown
Pour both into pan
Cook till it bubble and remove. It look almost like maple syrup color. The syrup look watery when remove from pot but will thicken a bit when it cool down.
(Obtain from Home Food Rescue)

Made from scratch Pancake recipe - Make about 5 pieces of pancake. You may double it if there are more people.

70 gram all purpose flour
1 tsp bake powder
A pinch salt
1 tbsp sugar

96g milk
30g egg
15g butter - melted
a bit of vanilla essence

Prepare A by sifting. Followed by stir in B. Don't over mix. Rest for 10 min.

When serve cut a square butter put at center, put maple syrup
(Obtain from

Scramble Egg Recipe:

3 eggs
3 tablespoon milk

1. The sequence is prepare the syrup, pancake, scrambled egg and fried the 4 ham.
2. When serve, layer with 1 pancake, syrup, followed by cheese, ham, scrambled egg, syrup pour on the 2nd pancake - poke with fork to quicken the syrup absorbtion.

Breakfast B recipe - 2 person portion
Home Food Rescue / Episode 13 / Breakfast B consist of Stir fry potato with bacon, hotdog, sunny side up and beans

This recipe is versatile and you may modify the ingredient to your preference. It taste great and its highly recommend to try.

2 medium size - I use Australian washed potato. Cut medium slice with skin intact
1 onion - chop small
2-3 slice bacon - slice small
1 large hotdog (or use 2 small hotdog) - cut almost half
2 sunny side up or poach egg
Some green beans or any suitable vegetable

1. Put some oil n fry the potato evenly. Flip the potato until each side brown. Season with salt
2. Put in bacon and onion n stir fry. Season with black pepper. Scope out
3. Cook hot dog and green bean and scope out
4. Cook egg and serve.

For shortcut after point 1, I move the potato aside and cook the hotdog. Followed by point 2 and cook the green bean all in 1 pan which can be a bit messy and you will need a large pan to do so. Scope out and either fry egg separately or prepare a pot of boiling water and vinegar to make poach  eggs concurrently.

Both the outcome is yummy and you should try the recipes too!

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