Friday, July 29, 2016

Mapo topu / Mr. Baek's Recipe (Korean style!)

Mapo Tofu  - Chef Baek
While searching for Home Food Rescue recipe, i stumble upon this youtube video by R Cook. After viewing it, I know that I have to try it and it taste great! 

One thing I like about the recipes by Chef Baek is that he will repeatedly use the same basic ingredients to create different variation of dishes! Thus my initial splurge in buying Korean ingredients doesn't go to waste for example Hot pepper paste (Gochujang), Hot Pepper flakes (Gochugaru), soy sauce (particularly Jin Ganjang) and soy bean paste.

I would recommend going to Phill Mart (Dae Won Food (M) Sdn Bhd)  at Ampang, Selangor to look for the Korean ingredients. If the ingredients you were looking for is not at Phil Mart, fret not as there are similar korean grocery shops near Phil Mart and you could also compare prices. At the shop, you could look for fresh ingredients, condiments, utensils and instant noodles. I notice that the shop sells refillable Gochujang and you could save a few ringgit. You could also locate Korean ingredients at selected supermarket like Mercato (Pavillion)  however choices will be limited and the price may be higher.

Now, back to the Mapo Tofu, i sprang into action since i have all the ingredients at hand!

- Spring Onion: 1 root - Chop

- Onions: 1 - Chop

- Minced Pork: 250g

- Chilli powder: 3 tablespoons
- Soy bean paste: 1 tablespoon
- Chopped garlic: 2 tablespoons
- Pepper Paste: 1/2 tablespoon
- soy sauce : 1/4 cup
- Water: 2 cups

- tofu: 1 - cut into cube

- Starch water

1. First put some oil in wok and stir fry A) till fried. Only switch on the fire after the spring onion is added.  
2. Add in B) and cook till its white
3. Add in C) till its cook
4. Add in D) - seasoning first, stir and followed by water, stir. 
5. Add E) when the mixture boil. followed by F) till its thicken. 

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