Friday, July 1, 2016

Red bean bread recipe

I got this recipe when I attended bread classes. The dough is called sweet bread and you could use it for various combination with hotdog, chicken floss, tuna and cheese.

Today I use it on the ready made red bean so that I could enjoy red bean bread. I found this nice and not too sweet red bean paste at Bake with Yen. On the package it also state that there is less sugar. It only cost rm6++ I will definitely purchase it again.

Hoy Kee Food Industries Sdn Bhd - Low sugar red bean paste. The company is located in Semenyih Selangor. I bought the paste in Bake With Yen.
I notice on the packaging of the Hoy Kee Food packaging, they also have the following paste flavors:
white lotus paste, white bean, pandan lotus paste, lotus paste and pandan bean paste.

For both the sweet bread and red bean I made some modification. I wanted to incorporate black sesame seed and wholemeal flour into the sweet bread dough. As for the red bean, I added toasted white sesame seed as I love the combination of both flavours.

Sweet bread recipe (Make about 18 pcs of bread)
Group A
1. Bread flour/high protein flour 400g
2. Sesame powder 50g (replace with point 1 if unavailable) 
3.Wholemeal flour 50g (replace with point 1 if unavailable)
4. Sugar 75g
6. Salt 5g
7. Yeast 15g
8. Cold water 125g
9. Ice 125g - purpose is to slow down the bread from rising to give you more time to shape the bread.
10. Bread improver 7.5g

Group B 
Melted butter 75g

-Mix A till the dough can be stretch a bit. This take some practice. Important is to mix at low speed using stand mixer. In between scrap and mix dough evenly. It took me about half an hour.
-Mix B into A. Also at low speed and careful not to overmix. The texture of the dough is soft and elastic. To test if it is ready, pinch a small amount of dough and stretch it to test for window pane test.
-divide the dough into 50g++ ball.
-Put in the red bean paste and shape to a bun/flower.
-Let the bread rest for 40 min. You may spray some water to help the bread rise intermittently.
-Bake in a 175 degree oven for 20min.
Divide the dough into 50gram each

Red bean paste
Ready made red bean paste 500g
Toasted sesame seed (optional) 20g

Just mix the paste and the seed. Divide into 18 portion/28g each.

You may end up using more of the red bean paste if you like more filling. If that is the case, I mix 100g of red bean with 4g of toasted sesame seed.

Shaping the bread
1. Flatten the dough. Put the red bean at the centre and roll into a ball.
2. Flatten the ball and put on the tray line with non stick parchment paper.
3. Use a knife to slit 5 line like a shape of a flower
4. Lift up the flower petal and twist two times. Twist all 5 petals.
5. Spray some water and decorate with some toasted sesame seed.

If you wanted a shortcut or you are press for time, you could always just stop at point 1, spray some water on the bun and decorate with sesame seed. As shaping 18 piece of bread does take up some of the prep time.

Shaping of the bread in progress.

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