Friday, September 28, 2007

Drinks: Bobo Caca (Steam and boil)

Picture: Bobo Caca

Picture: Ingredient
Yam - inside grey colour
Sweet potato (Ubi Kayu)- inside purple/orange/yellowish colour
Pandan leaf

Prepare the Yam and Sweet potato:
Picture: Yam and sweet potato being steam
-Cut the yam and sweet potato into tiny cube
-Steam both for 10 minute

Prepare sago:
Picture: Sago in pot
-Bowl some water and pour water into sago (we are not boiling the sago. just heating it with hot water)
-Leave it for 10 minute
-Sieve the sago
-Wash the sago with pipe water while the sago is in the sieve (to remove starch)

Boil them:
-Fill pot with water and boil it
-Add the sago and pandan leaf for 5 min
-Add the yam and sweet potato
-Serve after the pot boil

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